The Great Barrington Declaration and Focused Protection: Full Parking Lots, Churches, Airports – Oct 13 – 19, 2020

October 19, 2020








The Great Barrington Declaration and Focused Protection:
Full Parking Lots, Churches, Airports – Oct 13 – 19, 2020




Dreaming of a world where parking lots, airports, shopping centers, churches and other venues are full.  LAX is getting ready for this world by approving a contract worth $303.3m with ABM Aviation to provide ‘smart parking’ services at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


“’Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) Justin Erbacci said: “The new smart parking solution coming to LAX and the FlyAway terminal at VNY will transform the airport parking experience, providing our passengers and guests with more convenient, efficient and customised parking services.

“This innovative solution also will enable significant improvements such as streamlined entry and exit, contactless payment, clear wayfinding to open spaces, plentiful electronic vehicle charging, and will offer additional services that our guests have told us they want, such as advance reservations and valet parking.’”


Hopefully LAX and other airports will be in full swing soon.  And their parking facilities will be packed.


Despite a lockdown in Los Angeles and eviction from their parking lot, Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA remains open.  Read more about it in “Ending California’s Lockdown on Churches Is Compatible With Science and Good Health.”  “ … there is very strong evidence that the health benefits of indoor worship services far exceed the alleged health risks of COVID-19 for this congregation, which has thus far experienced no illness or death associated with COVID-19. “


In other news, in Topeka, KS, you can pay at 1200 metered parking spaces with Passport App.  Contactless and touchless and better experience for the parker.  “Topeka is a growing City dedicated to serving its community and their parking needs,” said Passport’s Director of Municipal Sales, Kelsey Owens. “Passport is excited to partner with the City and provide the technology needed to improve the parking experience and to equip the City for the future.”


Touchless parking option also became available in Boynton Beach, FL.  City leaders are encouraging customers to pay for parking with ParkMobile App now available at 400 off street parking spaces.


Another city where ParkMobile makes parking experience easier is San Diego.  ParkMobile partnered with Diamond Parking and thus added 2,000 more parking spots throughout the city.


Access Professional Systems (APS) came to Arizona and became the state’s sole provider of TIBA Parking Solutions parking access and revenue equipment. “In addition to selling and installing TIBA’s industry-leading parking equipment, APS will also maintain and service all TIBA equipment installed in Arizona, including previously purchased equipment.”


In California, Prop 22 remains Uber and Lyft’s main focus.  They are spending millions on campaign for Californians to vote yes on 22.  The result of this race can change if we can afford take ride shares or not.


More and more cities are starting to enforce parking including Los Angeles.  LADOT begun to give out tickets last Thursday.  “Infractions that are now being enforced again include violations of overnight restrictions, peak-hour and anti-gridlock zones, and expired vehicle registrations, according to LADOT. Vehicle impounds have also resumed.”


Perhaps those parking tickets are small price to pay for things to be back to normal.  And don’t we all want normal again?  To be able to fly, to fight for a parking space, go to Church and even to get a parking ticket.  After all there is a price to pay for everything.  And often times, that price is worth it.




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