The freedom of driving your car to work – week of Oct 27th-Nov 2nd, 2020

November 02, 2020



The freedom of driving your car to work – week of Oct 27th-Nov 2nd, 2020



Voting for good news!  This week on, there is an article from ParkOffice offering hope and thus, energizing: “Car predicted to play a massive role in return to officeMobility experts unite to help employers manage journeys to the office safely”

According to this article, there is going to be an increased demand for parking spaces.  Be it for cars or e-bikes.  It seems that people lost some confidence in public transportation.  “A recent McKinsey report showed commuter confidence in transport options has changed radically over the last course of the pandemic with only 7% of respondents believing public transport is a safe way to travel. This is raising serious questions for many employers who need to figure out alternative ways to attract staff back to the office.”

Another article from ParkMobile shows the signs that we will be busy in parking industry: “ParkMobile Data Shows Continuing Comeback in U.S. Cities.” “At the current growth rate, it is estimated that parking transactions will get back to pre-COVID levels in mid-2021.”

The contactless theme of this year continues. New users are getting app and cities are adopting app payments. City of Pensacola, FL launched a new app from Flowbird called PARKPensacola. ParkMobile partnered with Park First to bring their app to several cities across Texas, Louisiana, and Alabama.

PayByPhone app finally comes to Arlington, MA after a long push for a parking app.

FlashParking expands their mobility ecosystem by partnering with Bird and EVBox. “COVID-19 has changed the mobility landscape, accelerating the need for mobility hubs. Consumers have abandoned mass transit in favor of personal vehicles and last-mile open-air transit options, like Bird, who has seen its ridership and length of ride double. Coupled with mandates in municipalities like California that can require up to 10% of parking spaces have EV charging installed, asset owners and operators now more than ever need a partner to help get real estate ready to meet current consumer demands.”

Sad news from Chicago: Their parking tickets drop 52% and their booting revenues 42%.

JVH has LPR trending as a hot topic in his blogs. Socratic dialogue happening and perhaps an invitation to a different approach. “One comment that caught my eye was a reader who thought the whole idea of LPR was a waste. Seems he feels that it can be replaced with Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and it never fails. A failure rate of 2 or 3 percent would cause huge traffic problems, he stated, and therefore a back up credential was needed anyway. So why go to the expense of LPR in the first place.”

Tomorrow is a voting day. With early voting this election day feels weird. Will we know the results tomorrow? Either way, I pray it will be all peaceful. In my LA neighborhood most shops are boarded and that includes a bagel shop and a subway store. Rodeo Drive which is less than 2 miles away is shut down tomorrow and Wednesday both for cars and pedestrians. All the stores boarded. Afterall, as one store owner said, it is cheaper to put us some plywood vs replacing broken windows and stolen merchandise.

Tomorrow we might know if we can still afford to take Uber or Lyft in California, if prop 22 passes.

I am praying and voting for good news for us all. God bless the USA!


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