Bft Automation bolsters parking services provision

November 04, 2020




Bft Automation bolsters parking services provision




Bft Automation has created a new parking services department, which focuses on helping organisations to optimise their revenue from parking facilities. This is an extension to an existing service which the access automation business has been running for some years.

The move comes as businesses seek new revenue streams in the current economic climate.


Kevin Spinks, Managing Director at Bft Automation, comments, “In the current environment, businesses in sectors such as hotels and leisure are looking to recoup lost revenue. One tactic to adopt, which can bring some short-term gains – and a long-term income stream – is for businesses to use their parking facilities as a means of driving revenue.


“At Bft Automation, we have been working with businesses for many years to provide parking management technologies and hardware. We felt now was the right time to invest in this side of our business.”


The department will be led parking revenue sales specialist Ron Buck, who joined Bft Automation earlier this year.


Ron has worked in business-to-business sales for over 30 years, with sectors including education, hospitality, leisure, retail and the public sector. His experience in the parking equipment market includes positions at some of the most prominent providers in the market.


“In my experience, parking is so often an undervalued means of generating revenue,” adds Ron.


“Even with a minimal charge to visitors, revenue generated from parking is both regular and predictable, with few overheads.


“With expertise in parking access control and parking management systems, Bft has some great  equipment and we are already seeing growth in this side of the business.”


Bft Automation offers a wide range of car park management systems from simple token-operated machines for access control through to fully networked systems which can operate over the Internet and offer multi-site control. The versatile systems can integrate a range of ancillary products such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Automatic Pay Stations (APS) which incorporate the latest payment technology.



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