It pays off to share – Parking platform Mobypark reaches the milestone of 100.000 bookings!

November 12, 2020




It pays off to share – Parking platform Mobypark reaches the milestone of 100.000 bookings!


Mobypark has reached 100.000 bookings by teaming up with the real-estate and hospitality industry.



This year has been a challenge for many companies, especially within industries related to hospitality. The shift to working from home will have consequences for the real estate industry as well. Mobypark has teamed up with hotels and other companies to provide them with a new way to increase revenue, by optimising their parking spot occupancy. Mobypark’s peer-to-peer platform makes it possible for businesses and individuals to rent out their parking spots to the public while at the same time offering affordable parking to drivers. The platform is active in over 30 cities in 8 countries and works with partners like the Royal Institute of the Tropics, conference center RAI and most hotel chains, like Marriott.This has led to Mobypark recently receiving their 100.000th booking.

Local regulations regarding COVID-19 hugely affected tourism and business travel this year. Tourists decided to spend their holidays closer to home, rather than further destinations. The Netherlands saw an increase in travellers from neighbouring countries, such as Germany and Belgium. Since many of these tourists opted for travelling by car rather than air travel, summer holidays by car exceeded the level of 2019 according to data from Mobypark. Combined with the increase in local tourism, Mobypark expects this trend to continue and to see a spike in bookings after regulations are (partially) lifted. Until then, it is mainly national people who park through Mobypark. For example, people who are in need of a flexible parking solution or that want to avoid public transport.

Due to employees increasingly working from home, offices and other real estate saw a rise in unused space, including parking spots. During these uncertain times, more and more real-estate and hospitality businesses realised the value that Mobypark can bring. “We have placed a big focus on hotels and real estate to optimise their parking facilities and bring them extra revenue” says Jaap Sybenga, CEO of Mobypark. “We are glad that we can help companies and individuals earn extra income, especially now. We always try to think of more ways to help the city and its people. Earlier this year, for example, we offered free parking to healthcare professionals.”

As one of the pioneers in the Dutch sharing economy, Mobypark connects thousands of local and international drivers to parking owners, whose parking spots would otherwise be unused. By encouraging a sharing community Mobypark is optimising the use of space in cities, changing standards and creating a better city experience.

Recently, Mobypark celebrated an impressive milestone by reaching 100.000 bookings together with its community. The 100.000th booking was made by Arjan, a Dutch Mobyparker who regularly travels to Amsterdam. Mobypark celebrated this achievement with him while keeping a social distance by handing him a 1,5 meter cheque.

Arjan with his 1,5 meter cheque

Through Mobyparks peer-to-peer platform, Mobyparkers have been able to save up to 20 minutes a day by eliminating the need to search for parking. By cutting down the time spent driving, the Mobypark community has helped save over 7 million kilograms of CO2 emitted from cars by reaching their milestone of 100.000 bookings. At the same time, Mobypark has been able to help the tourism and real-estate sector increase their revenue. Sybenga entrusts that “Mobypark is working harder than ever to help cities, companies and individuals thrive. We are glad to be able to do this with Arjan and the rest of our amazing sharing community, and we will continue to help people park with a smile.”