The future of work, independence, parking and transportation – Nov 10th-16th, 2020

November 16, 2020

The future of work, independence, parking and transportation – Nov 10th-16th, 2020.



The future of work, independence, parking and transportation – Nov 10th-16th, 2020.



Since the pandemic begun, have you been working from home or your office?  What do you prefer?  If working from home, has your creativity diminished?  What do you prefer?  Working from home or from the office?  Are there savings in your commute time and how do you spend these savings?  Was driving to work before a source of new ideas?  Were you driving to work or taking public transportation or ride share?  What is the give and what is the take and your self inquiry?


On this week, there is an interview with co-founder of Lyft John Zimmer.  He talks the future of workplace amongst other things, due to the recently passed Prop 22 in California.  Where drivers remain contractors vs. employees.


Lyft and Uber spent a fortune to have this Pop passed in CA.  Zimmer says it was worth it.  And California sets the tone for the rest of the nation.  He talks about grabbing opportunities.  And standing for something instead of against something.  Perhaps like choosing love instead of hate.  As in voting whom you love or what they have done instead of voting for someone because you hate the other guy?  In the long run, love and passion always win.  Socratic dialogue based on questions ensues.


“How do you justify the level of spending on this proposition when ride-hailing is struggling to reach profitability?

A: This was a decision from a state with strong support across the aisle. It was important to do this because it’s right for drivers, riders and the economy, but also to create a model that is the turning point for the future of work in America.

In the tough times that we’re in, independent, flexible work is critical and a growing part of the U.S. economy. Many people find the gig economy as a safety net, especially during COVID-19. It was really important to show what we stand for, and this was about us standing for independence and benefits, not standing against something.”


In other news I think it is more and the same.  So, albeit I am with Socrates and I know nothing, I will focus on questions.  As if I see a story that evokes questions.


EE Cummings again – he who asks a beautiful question gets a beautiful answer.


Is privatizing the curb of value of you and to your company? Will it work?  How does it affect parking? Read what Pat Nally says in “ Privatizing the Curb for Public Benefi”  – Is this possible? “ Annual auctions would allow curb uses to change in harmony with the surrounding environment. Bids would not have to be for one parking spot worth of space, so if a new grocery store needs a large loading zone, it could easily lease space in the ideal location. “


On there are lots of successes this past week.  We might be in a rest mode but people are driving again moving – how are we prepared?  And how do we vent about our challenges?  We are here at Parking Today to hear your everything.  We are hungry to hear what you feel.  Let us know please to be featured in the next PT issue.  We provide the gray to all the black and white and thus all the colors.  Can’t wait to hear from you.


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