CAME Integrates the Parking System of the Regina Garage in Trieste

January 18, 2021




CAME Integrates the Parking System of the Regina Garage in Trieste


CAME has integrated the parking system of the Regina Garage in Trieste city center. The PKE system by CAME Parkare, thanks to a network of automatic devices, guarantees a better user parking experience, simplifying and speeding up the transit of users even in the absence of staff, and facilitates the search for parking spaces in an urban setting such as Trieste, where the great presence of squares, suggestive narrow streets, continuous uphill and downhill slopes, make parking a real challenge.

The parking system, integrated and fully controllable by the PKE software, allows freedom of use of the 210 spaces at Entry to the parking garage with sign “Regina” above itany time, even in the absence of staff on-site, for both pedestrian and car access. During the day, the Came GO sectional doors remain open from 7 am to 8 pm, allowing entry to all users, whether subscribers or occasional users. During night-time hours, the parking facility remains closed to outsiders to guarantee maximum security; it is only accessible to subscribers who can independently open the barriers, the sectional door, and the pedestrian door, thanks to a personalized card and RFID readers in the parking system in-out columns and the CAME Thangram entry panel.

Thangram, with its attractive Made in Italy design consisting of rounded lines and reduced thickness, is unbelievably sturdy and has an IP54 protection rating, resistant to all weather conditions. This new entry panel can also be used to remotely manage assistance to the public and open Came GO barriers and sectional doors when necessary, for example, if a user has lost their subscription card. If the parking facility is not manned by staff, the call can be diverted directly to another phone line, ensuring a prompt and efficient service at all times.

Young man inserting parking ticket into the pay stationWith the new CAME parking system, it was possible to automate the process of generating and dispensing tickets, which was previously carried out manually by staff. Thanks to the new automatic pay station – which complements the manual one – it is possible to pay autonomously using the preferred payment method: from traditional coins and banknotes with change management to the most modern ATMs, credit cards, or mobile cards, also with NFC technology. It is also possible to manage and renew subscriptions and cards, process system data, and resolve any issues. The automatic pay station also allows users to top up their subscription cards easily and independently, even when the car park staff are not present.

A further important advantage for the Garage Regina parking facility, guaranteed by the PKE system, is the reduction of operating costs. Thanks to the high availability of the system and the redundancy of critical components, such as the use of continuous thermal paper, CAME’s automatic parking system requires very little maintenance.


About CAME Parkare

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