, Jan 5th, 2021 – Starting the New Year with a beginner’s mind! 

January 04, 2021
, Jan 5th, 2021 – Starting the New Year with a beginner’s mind!




“We focus on our goal, anchor on our plan, and neglect relevant base rates, exposing ourselves to the planning fallacy. We focus on what we want to do and can do, neglecting the plans and skills of others. Both in explaining the past and in predicting the future, we focus on the causal role of skill and neglect the role of luck. We are therefore prone to an illusion of control. We focus on what we know and neglect what we do not know, which makes us overly confident in our beliefs.”
― Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow


New Year and thus a new approach. How about the approach of knowing nothing? Being like a child and seeing everything anew? Focusing on what we don’t know instead as the author of Thinking, Fast and Slow and 2002 Nobel Prize in Economics, Daniel Kahneman says, neglecting it.

Children don’t just see a rose as a rose. When they see the rose for the first time, they explore it even to the point of tasting the petals of the flower. Children have endless questions vs when they grow up, having myriad opinions.

Isn’t there freedom in simple “I don’t know,” “what is it?” and tell me more?

Often times our experiences, our ego and our need to show off our knowledge prevents us from truly seeing and hearing. Subsequently, we miss out so much especially since we are rigid in our perceptions, we might even miss out creating solutions to the problems we are facing.

Thus this new year 2021 perhaps it is a good idea to apply beginner’s mind aka Shoshin, to everything we do and to everything we are.

When we are in Shoshin, we become according to Patrick Buggy, author of the article “How to Cultivate Beginner’s Mind for a Fresh Perspective”:

• Free of preconceptions of how anything works
• Free of expectations about what will happen
• Filled with curiosity to understand things more deeply
• Open to a world of possibilities, since you don’t yet know what is or isn’t possible

And therefore, as children do, we become more creative. Our imagination is awaken. And thus, we can find tools we might had not know existed within us. There are endless and fresh possibilities.  We see with new eyes and hear with new ears.

One thing that 2020 has taught us, is that uncertainty is a part of life. Uncertainty is a daily constant.

Therefore, in the new year and throughout it, we are determined here at to ask questions and live in not knowing. Since more and more of us are driving and thus, needing parking, our beginner’s mind might allow us to see the larger picture and its details. And thus move Parking Industry forward.

May you all have a blessed beginner’s mind 2021.


Astrid Ambroziak


Creative Director PT

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