Tattile: Innovative mobile parking enforcement

January 27, 2021




Tattile: Innovative mobile parking enforcement




Parking enforcement today is still time consuming and therefore costly task since traffic wardens need to patrol continuously parking spaces to verify possible parking offence.

Tattile is glad to present an intelligent mobile parking enforcement solution, allowing targeted personal intervention when the system detects an actual parking offense.



In the layout of this mobile parking enforcement system a driver who intends to park can either use a mobile parking App to book and pay a parking area for time needed. This can be done by entering the car license plate and the credit card data. Alternatively, where possible the user can pay directly at the parking meter by inserting plate number of the car and selecting how many hours the car will remain parked.

Regardless of choosing the mobile App or the Parking Meter, the registered data of date, time, license plate and paid parking time are sent to a centralized server. Through a Wi-Fi connection this external database exchanges information in real time with connected mobile parking enforcement devices, typically tablets, which are carried in police cars and are connected to a mobile ANPR camera. If a parked vehicle now exceeds the payment time, an alarm is triggered on the tablet and the traffic warden can specifically search the parking area with the ANPR system for the violating license plate and issue a fine.



The all-in-one Tattile mobile ANPR system includes a monochrome mobile enforcement camera for license plate reading as well as a color camera to additionally record the infringement which can be shared in an independent video stream. Its embedded monitoring software performs automatic license plate reading of all crossed vehicles and a real time check with the database. If a blacklisted vehicle with no paid or expired parking time is detected and acoustic alarm is triggered, and the tablet display shows a photo cutout of the license plate.

The extremely low power consumption of less than 15W a 12 VDC enables power over the vehicle battery. The high-grip magnet allows mounting the mobile enforcement camera on the vehicle roof in less than two minutes and enables to dismount and use it in a different vehicle in very short time.

In addition, the system layout easily allows third party back office integration and tailor-made adaptions, such as sanctioning platforms of provincial councils or the option to send infractions to the Automated Complaints Processing Centre.