eleven-x and Mistall Partner to Provide New Smart Parking Solution for Increased Compliance Revenues and Optimized Guidance

February 09, 2021

eleven-x and Mistall Partner to Provide New Smart Parking Solution for Increased Compliance Revenues and Optimized Guidance


Solution Combines LoRaWAN®-Based Sensors with Image Processing Enabling Highest Accuracy, Real-Time Parking Space Status Monitoring in Any Location


WATERLOO, Ontario, Feb. 09, 2021 — eleven-x, a global leader providing complete, wireless IoT solutions including smart parking and the patent-pending SPS-X sensor, and Mistall, a leading image processing and parking monitoring provider, are pleased to announce a partnership to deploy their new TruSens smart parking solution. Developed to empower cities, campuses and parking organizations of all types to make data-driven, evidence-based decisions and increase revenues, TruSens also enables a superior customer experience by offering real-time stall availability eliminating wasteful searches, reducing congestion and improving environmental sustainability through reduced GHG emissions.

Even prior to the pandemic, parking has been a pain point for cities, campuses and other organizations in terms of budgets, land use and the driver/community experience. While it may be too early at this point to comprehend the full impact of the pandemic, it is clear there has been a tremendous effect on revenues and transportation patterns. As the world emerges from the pandemic, the need is clear for accurate data to make informed decisions when it comes to implementing pricing programs and infrastructure planning to meet the needs of what the “new normal” is for parking.

The TruSens smart parking solution combines two leading technologies into a single, comprehensive package offering the capability to cost-efficiently monitor all parking spaces in real-time, including on-street and surface lots which have traditionally been extremely difficult to measure. eleven-x’s SPS-X parking sensors are available in inground or surface-mount options and utilize multiple occupancy detection technologies for unsurpassed accuracy. Mistall’s image processing is purpose-built for the parking industry and can be easily deployed on rooftops, walls or poles. The combination of the two technologies enables a solution that offers the highest accuracy while providing real-time monitoring and management of all parking assets in any environment.

The solution also provides a variety of analytics and KPIs that can be used to support the development of dynamic pricing programs and provides concrete evidence for decision-making on infrastructure planning, including the re-purposing of existing assets or development of new ones. TruSens easily integrates with other technologies, such as payment and enforcement applications, to provide a complete stall-occupancy monitoring solution that ensures optimized compliance revenues, improved guidance and enforcement.

“Not all parking spaces are easily managed, with on-street and surface lots being the most troublesome, and this means lost revenues for parking organizations,” said Blake Laufer, Chief Executive Officer at Mistall. “We are excited to be partnering with eleven-x to offer TruSens, a solution that can be used anywhere, and eliminate those trouble areas to enable a holistic smart parking solution.”

“As communities and campuses return to a new normal this year, accurate parking usage data will be crucial to their planning and decision-making, both in the short term to recoup revenues and also in the longer run, in terms of budgeting and asset planning,” said Dan Mathers, President and CEO of eleven-x. “Our solution enables an easy and cost-efficient way to improve revenues and the entire community experience.”

The TruSens smart parking solution is available now and can be scaled for any type or size of parking asset in any type of environment. For more information visit eleven-x or Mistall.

About Mistall
Mistall provides a sophisticated occupancy management platform for parking managers. We integrate parking data from a variety of sources to gather KPIs and metrics important to a parking operator, and then turn this data into action.  We have developed solar-powered, time-lapse cameras with video analytics to track parking in surface lots and on-street locations for cost-effective tracking down to the individual parking space.  Mistall provides tools to help your parkers find spaces through our mPark suite of mobile, web, and telephony apps, as well as helping parking operations direct enforcement officers to offenders.  With a robust API, Mistall connects and consolidates occupancy and availability in any parking operation.

About eleven-x Inc.
eleven-x simplifies IoT and facilitates faster, evidence-driven decisions through wireless connectivity and real-time data collection for Intelligent Cities, Campuses, Buildings and Industry. We offer complete device to cloud LoRaWAN® solutions, comprised of accurate and reliable sensor networks delivering secure data to our customers through easy-to-use dashboards and industry standard APIs. Organizations rely on eleven-x’s wireless connectivity expertise to deliver turnkey solutions that improve operations, simplify processes and deliver value in today’s connected world. Visit eleven-x.com for more information.