FlashParking Brings Last-Mile Scooter Solution to Austin

February 12, 2021



FlashParking Brings Last-Mile Scooter Solution to Austin


FlashParking’s Scooter Solution Allows for Half- and Full-day Scooter Rentals at Popular Local Garages



AUSTIN, Texas – FlashParking, the leader in parking and mobility technology, today announced the launch of their private scooter fleet solution by teaming with Bird and SwiftMile at two locations in Austin. Hartland Plaza now offers 24 scooters and three docking stations at the parking garages located at 1717 West 6th Street in Austin; and 24 scooters at three docking stations located in the parking garages of 823 Congress. This collaboration will enable the owners and operators of these pilot locations to better serve their customers by offering half- and full-day rentals. This is a new, convenient rental option providing more time for roundtrip last-mile usage allowing riders to incorporate scooters into their daily transportation routines.

Scooter ridership has almost doubled since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a leading micromobility company. To help garage and parking lot owners and operators meet that demand, FlashParking has created a private scooter fleet solution that will drive an entirely new line of revenue. Flash’s scooter solution organizes, charges, and provides scooters for round trip usage, perfect for consumers looking to add scooters to their mobility routine. FlashParking plans to expand this offering to garage and parking lot owners and operators across the country as part of a continued scaled rollout that is scheduled to begin before the end of the year.

“FlashParking’s scooter solution coupled with FlashOS, the industry’s only mobility hub operating system, helps garage and parking lot owners turn their isolated parking assets into fully-connected mobility hubs. This future-ready technology attracts new customers with micro-mobility options and helps operators position themselves ahead of competitors to meet surging consumer demand,” said Dan Sharplin, CEO at FlashParking. “This new offering encourages and incentivizes riders with a clear place to park, while also attracting new parkers who will choose a garage that offers micro-mobility options.”

FlashParking’s private scooter fleet offers a unique customer proposition to garage and parking lot owners and operators designed to generate and diversify revenue, as well as increase parking occupancy with last-mile mobility. This is the only scooter solution on the market to offer round-trip rides, meaning customers can have a personal scooter for half- or full-day usage before returning to the parking location when they are done. The scooter software locks the scooter for anyone other than the customer during this time. The ability to lock the scooter is the differentiating factor versus the standard per minute rate structures and is strictly available at locations powered by FlashParking’s mobility platform.

The scooter charging stations, which are a product of Bird and SwiftMile, will have exclusive Flash branding to denote they are part of a proprietary private fleet. Mobility hubs that have scooters will also appear on the Bird app and will be identified with the FlashParking icon.

The scooter pilot in Austin is the first of many mobility services FlashParking will roll out over the next 6 months.

If you’re a mobility service provider or interested in adding mobility services to your parking asset, email us at mobilityhubs@flashparking.com.


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