Jump Starting Parking, Schools and the Economy: ParkNews.biz Feb 9th- 16th, 2021

February 16, 2021



Jump Starting Parking, Schools and the Economy: ParkNews.biz Feb 9th– 16th, 2021





From Atlanta to Los Angeles, things are looking up!  PayByPhone is offering one hour free on street parking on the streets of Atlanta, GA with their app.  No promo code is required.  Easy breezy with PayByPhone app on your phone.  Because yes, parking enforcement is back.


In Los Angeles, schools are cleared to open.  “The announcement means dozens of elementary schools will be allowed to reopen as early as this week, officials added. Those that do want to reopen will have to submit plans to both the county public health department and the California public health department certifying they “have implemented a full range of safety measures to permit a safe reopening.”

“This is what we have been working towards,” Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn said in a tweet on Monday. “Thank you to everyone who has worn your masks and kept your distance. Case rates in LA County are dropping.”

“Now we can continue the work getting our kids and teachers safely back in classrooms where they belong,” Hahn added.” – from the CNN article: Feb 16, 2021 – Los Angeles County elementary schools are cleared to reopen as Covid-19 case rates fall.


It is exciting news in my LA neighborhood.  As JVH wrote in his blog, Feb 16, 2021 – Open Schools, Stop the Domino Affect , “It’s the closed schools that have so greatly affected our economy and through it, the parking industry. Schools are closed so:

  • Someone has to stay home with the kids.
  • They can’t go out to work, shop, meet friends
  • They can’t go for coffee or shop after dropping kids off
  • The stores they would have visited suffer
  • The shopping centers suffer
  • The parking facilities that support those businesses suffer
  • On street parking suffers
  • City parking revenue suffers
  • The parking facilities that support the businesses where the moms and dads forced to stay home with kids work suffer.

And it goes on and on.”


And in Los Angeles, traffic is back.  What a difference a year makes.  Being stuck in traffic is a great opportunity for an audible book’s listen or a reflection.


In other ParkNews.biz news, we are celebrating our PT Plus Members.  To show our appreciation, PT Plus members from now on are the headline of our weekly ParkNews.biz newsletter.  This week, TKH Security’s Park Assist Parking Guidance Solution is Set to Go Live at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center Garage –



And University of Wisconsin-Superior Partners with ParkMobile for Contactless Parking Payments on Campus


While PayByPhone comes to Denver: PayByPhone Brings Contactless Parking to the City of Denver, Colorado 



If you are reading it, it is Ash Wednesday for us Catholics.  As I am writing this, we are still in a Fat Tuesday.  And a Chinese New Year of an Ox.  I don’t know much about the latter but Ox sounds much more promising and optimistic vs the past year’s rat.


And although there is so much culture and other things that are cancelled, perhaps cancelling something, as giving up anything for Lent isn’t such a great idea when we have to get back to fully living.  Yet, I am sure any of us can give up something that prevents us from hearing each other’s views and ideas.  From judging and attacking and blaming.  And instead to applying inquiry based, logical arguments first, to reach any conclusions.   To “talk less, smile more” and drive and park.


Have a wonderful rest of the week and blessed, reflective Lent.



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