Welcome to PT Plus: ParkNews.biz Jan 26th – Feb 1st, 2021

February 01, 2021


Welcome to PT Plus: ParkNews.biz Jan 26th – Feb 1st, 2021




Happy, healthy, prosperous February 2021 everyone!


Today we have begun a new section of Parking Today called PT Plus.  It is a hub for all the company press releases in one place.  With immediate access to the particular company’s web site.


If you already advertise with us in PT via full page or half page ad, you have full access to PT Plus.  In other words, any press releases or blog posts you sent to me Astrid at astrid@parkingtoday.com will be posted on ParkNews.biz and on the PT Plus page of ParkingToday.com.


If you are not a full time advertiser, then please consider the membership with us.  Yes, there is a fee involved, however, it provides many more benefits.  See more about PT Plus here: PT Plus.



Since I get myriad emails from companies to be in the weekly ParkNews.biz newsletter and also in Parking Today Industry news, it is often challenging to choose which press release to emphasize.  This way, all the press releases from PT Plus members will be given a priority.  Be it as a headline or an industry news write up.  It is my passion to see PT Plus members thrive in any way possible.


These press releases let us all stay in the know what is happening in parking industry.  And being in the know especially today, is crucial to restart our normal daily lives.


Cites, hotels, universities, hospitals, airports, they are all looking to create the best non eventful and smooth parking experience for their customers.  As well increase their revenue.


One of the companies that is offering myriad solutions to any parking problems especially to real estate developers, hospitals and hotels is a.Lot Parking Solutions.  Most recently I got to experience their system at work at one of the LA Hotels and it was perfect.  So perfect that I could spend my time on other worries than parking.


Read more about a.Lot Parking Solutions here: Feb 1, 2021 – PT Plus: Commercial real estate managers prepare for the post COVID-19 era with a.Lot Parking Solutions.


“A.lot Parking enables the parking asset owners to not only reduce operational costs, but to substantially increase utilization of parking spaces, revenue and return on assets. There are the reasons why a.Lot technology and services are chosen by leading commercial real estate owners and managers such as Greystar, Alexandria and many others.”


Being informed through these press releases allows a customer to make better decisions to higher the right vendor for them, to implement the right system.  Even if they had challenges be it with the previous vendor or the old system.


The more we know, the less we know yet, we can make better decisions that based on slow thinking and not just knee jerk reactions.


And driving and parking are coming back stronger than ever.  We will beat this pandemic and we will rebuilt our industry, why making parking smooth and uneventful.  The best parking experience for all.


Thank you.


Astrid Ambroziak

Editor, ParkNews.biz

Creative Director PT

Parking Today

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