Tattile provides advanced vehicle tracking in Turkey

March 31, 2021




Tattile provides advanced vehicle tracking in Turkey




The Turkish governmental forces invested in technological systems to grant the everyday life citizens’ protection and to facilitate the resolution of criminal acts. For this purpose, Tattile, together with the great experience and certified knowledge of its trusted local partner,provided an advanced vehicle tracking network all over the country, using its sophisticated ANPR cameras.



Several hundred Vega Smart 2HD ANPR cameras double head family have been installed aiming to prevent crime offences. The embedded ANPR software of the traffic monitoring camera read the license plates of all vehicles passing in front of the device.



The on-board intelligence also enables to recognize vehicle features regardless of the plate number: the traffic monitoring cameras are equipped with an embedded BCC software to allow comparison between the license plate and the brand, colour, class of the vehicle. This enables the public security forces to verify if the collected data (licence plate and vehicles features) matches those registered on the provincial police archives. This feature is very useful to identify vehicles which license plate has been replaced with another one.