Technology making parking non- eventful, easy breezy – Feb 23rd – March 1st, 2021

March 01, 2021






Technology making parking non- eventful, easy breezy – Feb 23rd – March 1st, 2021



A modern, intuitive, user friendly parking system makes all the difference.  As it is shown this week in Lafayette, LA.


“'(Parking) is a huge perception issue we’ve dealt with going back to the formation of the DDA (in the 1980s),” CEO Anita Begnaud said. “People were concerned about parking back then. It will continue to be a topic of discussion. Parking is huge part of the experience of coming downtown. We’ve got to get it right.” – from this article: March 1, 2021 – How does Lafayette’s, LA downtown parking compare to others? Lack of technology might be biggest difference.And everyone benefits.  Technology combined with transparency and accountability can do wonders as with every domain of life.  Benaud further added: ““The technology is lacking, and the experience is not great. I think people want to have a better understanding and want to believe their money is going to an experience that makes it easier to park and a nice entry way to come and do business downtown.”


Perhaps this is the opportunity for the Parking Industry, especially in this time of recovery from the Pandemic.  To some recovery might have a negative connotation I hear.  To me, recovery is heroic.  It is as climbing a mountain from a steady leveled ground is hard enough.  Yet, climbing a mountain after falling or being forced in a ditch, is inspiring.  A naturally thin person looks great.  A person who once was fat and out of shape and she lost weight, motivates.  Someone who built a business and lost it and then rebuilt or built a new one, shows us that if he can do it, so can we. It is about being in the arena and learning from every moment including failure, and getting better each day.  Ergo, perhaps cities and parking companies showing parkers, that the money the Parker pays for a privilege of parking, goes back to neighborhoods.  That that money that feeds the meters and pay machines, actually cleans all the graffiti and dirt we have so accumulated during this past challenging year.  Hence, parking Industry showing with their actions how much they care. Then, the parker has no resentment giving their hard earn money to see that there is something in it for them also: clean, safe, beautiful streets that are a joy to drive on or walk on. That someone cares!


In other news this week, ParkMobile continues to provide contactless parking payments yet in another city.  Read it here: Feb 23, 2021 – PT Plus: Montpelier, Vermont, Partners with ParkMobile to Offer Contactless Parking Payments 



ParkMobile also launches a new feature helping their users pay for highway tolls.  I am especially excited about it since I am often in Florida and don’t have an a pass to pay for bridge tolls.  Being able to pay it with my ParkMobile app, saves me and my parents lots of headache and to focus on my energy on other more important things as tending to their health care.


Also on in PT Plus news: “Park Assist, recently merged with TKH Security, has been selected to install its camera-based M4 smart-sensor Parking Guidance System (PGS) at People’s Trust Insurance Company’s corporate campus. Located in Deerfield Beach, FL”


Last but not least, our team here at PT is working on presentations for PIE 2021 – we have a huge pool of speaker to select from and the most engaging, inspiring ideas.  If you have any thoughts of how to move our industry forward, recover, grow and be off better service to our customers, please feel free to write to me at .


Have a wonderful and blessed March 2021.


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