The power of suggestion: March 16th- 22nd, 2021

March 22, 2021



The power of suggestion: March 16th– 22nd, 2021




Last week, John and I headed to Vegas to meet with Brandy Stanley and to see their new curb management project with Cox Communications.  You can read about the installation here: March 4, 2021 – City of Las Vegas Launches Smart Curbside Management Corridor with Cox

“The goal of the Las Vegas pilot is to reduce traffic congestion in downtown Las Vegas. Covering six parking spots along the sidewalk adjacent to the 100 block of Main Street are two digital kiosks that utilize video analytics and smart parking technology to better manage active curb loading zones for taxis and rideshares, making conditions safer for visitors and pedestrians.”



It is truly an awesome system that can be used anyplace and everywhere.  The City of Las Vegas and Brandy, always find solutions to any problem and implement the latest technology that benefits the customer foremost.  My first initial reaction was, that is where I want to pick up my TNC.  That is where I want to be dropped off.  The kiosks from Cox simply made me feel safe and these days, feeling safe is one of the most essential needs.  Sadly, that need to feel safe can be easily manipulated.  Often by the power of suggestion, be it covert or overt.


One: Previously when you got a flu vaccine, did you worry if others were flu vaccinated?  Now, if you get a covid vaccine, why would it matter to you, if others got vaccinated or not if you are vaccinated and the vaccine works?


Two: There is an article on – March 22, 2021 – Millions of travelers board flights amid spring break travel surge.  It is an article from USA Today and it actual title is: “Millions of travelers board flights amid pandemic spring break travel surge.” When I read the first headline, I think lots of people are traveling for spring break.  When I read the latter headline, automatically, unconsciously I go into a fear mode and think “pandemic surge.”  Which is the truth?  We don’t know yet if there was a pandemic surge yet, we do know there was a travel surge.  Which suggestion works?


Perhaps it all boils down to how we say it vs what we say.  Mindfulness is an art.  Communication is a skill.  Questions empower and lead to the right for each of us, individual choice.


On this note, we are excited to choose to move forward with PIE 2021.  We are thrilled that the World of Concrete is taking place in Vegas in June: March 18, 2021 – Las Vegas and Informa Markets Prepare to Host Safe and Successful Citywide Events in Las Vegas, Beginning with World of Concrete in June



Last weekend, more and more people showed up in Las Vegas for March Madness.  If it weren’t the masks in some cassinos, we wouldn’t know that there was a pandemic.  There was joy and if you were out in a restaurant, where the masks were not required when a person was eating, you actually could see the smiles.  And smiles are the suggestion I take over anything.  Because smiles are contagious.  Smiles and joy move us forward.  In gratitude, to larger and fully open lives.



Thank you.




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