Westward Industries Utility Vehicles Now Available Through Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract

March 10, 2021

Westward Industries Utility Vehicles Now Available Through Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract





The Canadian Manufacturer has been awarded a cooperative purchasing contract in the Utility, Transport, Golf, and Recreation Vehicles category at Sourcewell. This a multi-year cooperative purchasing contract, meaning a smoother and facilitated purchasing process for customers in the USA and Canada. 


Winnipeg, MB, March 3rd, 2021 – Westward Industries’s complete portfolio is now one step closer to Government, Education and Non-Profit entities. The nationally recognized GO-4, the benchmark vehicle in the parking enforcement and management industry, and the newest MAX-EV line of electric vehicles are now offered through the Sourcewell contract. 

This smart cooperative purchasing organization represents over 50,000 organizations in the USA and Canada like Universities, Zoos, Transit Authorities, Municipalities, Non for profits, and many more. 

Under this program, eligible purchasers have the option of optimizing their bidding process, cutting time and expenses involved with a traditional bidding process, all while taking advantage of special discounted prices presented by Westward Industries through their Sourcewell contract. 

Besides the base models, accessories and customization can also be included in the purchase, like a factorydirect ALPR system for the GO-4, a flatdeck addition, van body, ladder rack and many other utility and comfort upgrades for the MAX-EV line. 

Chris Franz, Westward Industries’s owner, celebrates: This is excellent news for our customers, dealers, and Westward. We are glad we can now offer this time & moneysaving smart process while being recognized by such a reputable organization that selected us among many other significant manufacturers. 

To learn more, visit Westward Industries website https://westwardindustries.com/westward-industries-sourcewell-approved/  


About Westward Industries: 

Built tough in North America. Westward Industries is a manufacture of long-lasting, task-specific utility vehicles. The well-known GO-4 series is the premier compact parking management vehicle used by fleets across the country. License plate recognition is now offered factory direct.  Our new MAX-EV line is designed to be robust, long-lasting, versatile, low-speed, street legal utility vehicles for various fleet utility applications such as; landscaping, delivery, vector control and more, with Lithium-Ion Technology. The full portfolio includes the GO-4 Parking Vehicle SD, GO-4 XTF Flat Deck HD, GO-4 XTR Refuse Hauler, MAX-EV 4-wheel LSV and the NEW MAX-EV 3 – 3-wheel transporter.