Parker Technology’s New Language Translation Feature is Now Available

April 12, 2021



Parker Technology’s New Language Translation Feature is Now Available



Indianapolis, IN — Parker Technology announces the launch of translation services in the lane, the first of numerous innovations scheduled to be released this year from their recently deployed  software platform.

It is not uncommon in cities across the US to have parking patrons who don’t speak English as their first language, which is why Parker’s Translation feature is proving so valuable. When Parker’s CSRs encounter a guest in the lane unable to speak English, they can toggle to one of 10 languages to translate their instructions to the native language of the guest. The guest can then converse in their native language and Parker’s platform translates comments back to English for the CSRs to understand and resolve issues quickly.


Brian Wolff, President & CEO of Parker Technology, said of this feature: “There’s already tremendous anxiety for parking patrons stuck behind the gate. Adding a language barrier increases that angst exponentially. With translation in the lane, our customers can enable their guests to explain the reason they need help and the way to solve the problem, in their native language. This is a fantastic example of the innovation we are driving into our platform on behalf of our operator customers. Imagine the confidence this capability will provide the parking guest that cannot speak English. It will make them want to come back to that garage!”


In addition to hearing the spoken word in their native language, if the facility is utilizing Parker’s proprietary two-way video, the translated script will appear on the bottom of the screen for the guest to read.


Parking patrons expect to enter and exit garages without interacting with staff, but when they call for help, they want and need it immediately. Our solution can instantly connect parking guests to trained professionals who can guide them through a successful transaction, according to facility business rules. Each year, an estimated 85 million parking intercom calls are made in the U.S. This statistic is based off of call statistics from the Parker Technology platform, which records and analyzes call data to help parking operators better manage their facilities.


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