EVs, Parking and the Future – ParkNews.biz April 27th – May 3rd, 2021

May 03, 2021



EVs, Parking and the Future – ParkNews.biz April 27th – May 3rd, 2021



“The world isn’t split into good people and Death Eaters.”
― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix



This week on ParkNews.biz there is an article from Streetblog and then reposed by ggwash, May 3, 2021 – How EV chargers intersect with parking reform.

The piece written by Kea Wilson, engages Billy Grayson, director of the Urban Land Institute’s Center for Sustainability and Economic Performance and our friend Tony Jordan, president of the Parking Reform Network.  Both of these gentlemen are passionate about minimizing the land devoted to private car storage and parking minimums.

Therefore, Tony Jordan says: “It’s under-appreciated for sure that EV charging policy is parking policy. At the end of the day, Biden’s plan is really just giving people money to upgrade their parking. Hopefully it won’t be used to build new parking, but we don’t know that for sure yet.”

Billy Grayson says: “From a climate perspective, the best car is no car at all. Creating walkable, bikeable, transit-rich neighborhoods should still be our number one priority, and for every dollar we invest into EV charging, we should be investing at least $1.50 into those modes. But in those cases where we’ve made the decision that it’s still important to provide car infrastructure, then yes — we should make sure those cars are electric.”

How does all of it affects the parking industry?

This past week, this press release came from LAZ: April 29, 2021 – LAZ Parking Announces New Electric Vehicle Charging Program to Install 500 New Charging Stations at Locations Nationwide.  – “As part of this new initiative, 500 Tesla Connectors will be rolled out nationwide at LAZ locations” LAZ Chairman and CEO Alan Lazowski said:  “This initiative recognizes the rapid growth of the electric vehicle market and positions our clients to meet the fast-growing demand for charging stations. At the same time, it provides clients with a way to implement these upgrades at a significantly reduced cost while benefitting from the revenue generated from the use of chargers.”

What decision does a woman like me make if she ponders buying a new car?  To buy an electric car, a hybrid car, to keep my old gas eater SUV and stick to buying what I know best and that is particular luxury purses?  The latter are pricy but so simple and they actually appreciate in value.

Gas prices are going up.  In Los Angeles, the average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline rose on Saturday for the 8th day in the row.  Our prices are the highest since they have been on Nov 10th, 2019.  Saturday’s average price was $4.084 – that is 85.2 cents higher than the beginning of the year (source – NBC Los Angeles).

My head is spinning from all of this.  In the olden days, I didn’t have to worry if to buy an electric or a gas car.  It was all so simple.  Now, I have to be environmentally correct, politically correct and correct period.  Alas when I bought my SUV years ago, the only correctness needed was fixing with what works for me and my needs.  And that is what I miss about the good olden days: the middle.   Not right, not wrong, but fitting me and the ones around me.   Not black nor white but in shades of different colors in between.

Have a wonderful new week.


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