Get Paid on Unpaid Tickets Using No Cost

May 17, 2021




Get Paid on Unpaid Tickets Using No Cost




Taps a nationwide lien holder database to find the lien holder by VIN



Sitting on unpaid parking tickets? Delinquent motorists who don’t pay their tickets can put a dent in the parking industry’s bottom line. can help the parking industry get paid! Best of all? eParkingCitation is a FREE service!

eParkingCitation taps a nationwide VIN database to find registered and legal owners and lien holders, and it allows users to send “pay now” notifications to lien holders and owners using the VIN instead of the license plate.

Why is using the VIN better than the license plate? Lien holders and lenders are not able to identify vehicles via license plate.  All automobile lenders use systems that are VIN based.  In many cases, a lender simply has no way to match a citation to a vehicle and account.  In situations where a lessor is almost certainly going to pay the citation, the lessor cannot match the citation with the account.  The end result is that the citation is sent to a collection agency along with 50% of the citation value. Stop the madness!  ePakingCitation is a free tool.

The dirty little secret is that it costs money for the citation processing industry to obtain the VIN from DMV. The citation processing industry is not interest in spending money with DMV and may not even understand the importance of VIN-Based parking collections.

eParkingCitation is powered by Locator Technologies. Locator houses a VIN lien holder database for over 85% of the lien holders’ vehicles on the road today. This means when a VIN is entered at, the lien holder (lender) is notified electronically and instantly about the parking citation and the need to pay it.

The lender then reaches out to the registered owner to pay it, or the lender pays it themselves.

eParkingCitation also partners with eImpound allows users to electronically identify and notify lien holders and owners at no cost.

All of these are powered by Locator Technologies at


Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, is powered by Locator Technologies and has over 35 million U.S. lien holders’ liens and Canadian secured party records in its internal lien record database connecting those who need to identify and notify lien holders and vehicle owners and those who want to get notified on vehicle occurrences for the vehicles they care about. Locator Technologies also powers,,,, and, providing electronic notifications and updates to lien holders and insurers on occurrences for the vehicles they care about. For or more information, visit,,,,, and/or