TKH Security Introduces its Newest Smart-Sensor Parking Guidance System: PE360

May 25, 2021





TKH Security Introduces its Newest Smart-Sensor Parking Guidance System: PE360


CHESHIRE, CONNECTICUT – May 25th, 2021 – TKH Security is excited to introduce the latest addition to its parking guidance product lines, the PE360 Smart-Sensor parking guidance system (PGS).

This new PGS incorporates vehicle sensing, high-tech guidance, and sitewide surveillance. The PE360 sensors, designed with a 360° field of vision, have complete visibility throughout the garage. Each sensor can capture and stream video and images to our proprietary management system while also collecting rich occupancy data to help increase garage efficiency.​​​​

In announcing the launch of the PE360, Gary Neff, President at TKH Security, said, “The PE360 will be the first product that combines Park Assist and ParkEyes technology in one solution. With the ability to function with both systems, it shows the power of our merged business as we continue to drive our innovative solutions as TKH Security”.

Designed to compete with low-cost ultrasonic systems, the PE360 camera-based PGS offers a lighter infrastructure and easier installation. It can be quickly installed, with little disruption and minimal effect on daily operations. One sensor, installed above the driving lane to monitor spaces on each side, can observe up to 6 parking bays. This unique vantage point offers unobstructed views of parked vehicles – while providing parkers with clear sightlines for easy guidance and navigation.

Leveraging Park Assist and ParkEyes’ industry-leading experience, the PE360 utilizes bright RGB LED indicators to deliver seamless guidance, while the sensor captures and stores video footage and images on demand or 24/7, whichever is preferred. With a 360° field of vision, the sensors, driven by a powerful software platform, provide real-time video surveillance and streaming, video playback, and the ability to extract and save videos to enhance the parking facility’s safety and security.

This latest sensor can operate in both the ParkEyes and Park Assist parking guidance systems with either software platforms, ensuring ultimate flexibility and control for customers around the globe.

Scott Dubois, Vice President of Product Management, added, “With the ability to function in ParkEyes’ software suite as well as Park Assist’s INX-driven ecosystem, the camera-based PE360 combines simplified implementation and commissioning, as we continue to add functionality in our new software platform to extract the value from this video-based system”.

The PE360 provides all the advantages of an ultrasonic system with the added benefits of advanced camera-based guidance, unprecedented 360° sitewide surveillance, and the highest level of security the parking industry has ever seen. This sensor bridges the gap for garage owners and operators eager to switch from a basic ultrasonic or single space PGS to a camera-based guidance system.

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