Beam Global: Hawaiian Utility Deploys EV ARC™ Solar-Powered EV Charging Systems and ARC Mobility™ Trailer

June 17, 2021


Beam Global: Hawaiian Utility Deploys EV ARC™ Solar-Powered EV Charging Systems and ARC Mobility™ Trailer


SAN DIEGO, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Beam Global, (Nasdaq: BEEM, BEEMW), the leading provider of innovative sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media and energy security, announced that a utility in the State of Hawaii deployed two EV ARC™ solar-powered EV charging systems to charge utility fleet electric vehicles and an ARC Mobility™ trailer to move them around. Each charging system includes an emergency power panel that can provide power to utility equipment and first responders in the event of extreme weather events, emergencies and grid outages.

The EV ARC™ solar-powered charging systems generate and store their own electricity and can charge fleet vehicles during inclement weather, emergencies and at night. The systems are wind-rated to 120 mph and flood-proof to 9.5 feet—well suited for island environments subject to seasonal hurricanes and tropical storms. Each unit is equipped with three Enel X JuiceBox® Pro chargers to charge up to three fleet EVs simultaneously. The EV ARC™ units are off-grid and can be easily transported to different locations by the ARC Mobility™ trailer as charging patterns change, offices relocate or for emergencies.

“EV ARC solar-powered EV charging systems are perfect for Island environments, reducing dependence on expensive imported carbon-heavy gas and diesel. Powered by 100% clean renewable energy EVs are charged by a zero-emissions source of energy with no unit cost underlying the fuel,” said Beam Global CEO, Desmond Wheatley. “Islands are also increasingly vulnerable to rising sea levels and severe weather events which put centralized grid infrastructure and the liquid fuels supporting generation at risk. Utilities are increasingly adopting Beam’s off-grid solutions to lower costs and increase resiliency.”

The State of Hawaii Office of Planning’s Statewide Sustainability Program is updating the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan to serve as the state’s sustainability and climate strategic action plan, to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and to recommend sustainability and climate change actions through 2030.

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Beam Global is a CleanTech leader that produces innovative, sustainable technology for electric vehicle (EV) charging, outdoor media, and energy security, without the construction, disruption, risks and costs of grid-tied solutions. Products include the patented EV ARC™ and Solar Tree® lines with BeamTrak™ patented solar tracking, and ARC Technology™ energy storage, along with EV charging, outdoor media and disaster preparedness packages.

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