CivicSmart Presents: Automated, Convenient Parking For All

July 09, 2021



CivicSmart Presents:

Automated, Convenient Parking For All



Automated On-street Parking – Transform the Parking Experience to Benefit Both Motorists and Cities

On-street parking is often an unpleasant and frustrating experience for motorists and is repeatedly ranked near the top of wish lists to find a better solution. Cities need to deploy massive resources to monitor violations and manage parking. With CivicSmart’s patented technologies and automated parking solutions, the parking experience becomes as simple as driving through an electronic toll lane. CivicSmart’s automated parking solutions use advanced radar and edge AI with LPR or RFID to detect the entry and exit times of a parking session, identify the vehicle occupying the space, and apply parking rules associated with the space and vehicle.

Convenience, Convenience, Convenience!

No more struggling to find a parking meter or weighing the odds of getting a ticket versus the hassle of finding a meter and navigating how to pay when deciding to pay for a space. Motorists can simply park and walk to their destination and automatically pay for actual parking time used. They can also pay with any allowed payment type including their favorite app, parking account, or a parking meter. They can even pay at a later time after the parking session is completed and get a courtesy reminder if they forget to pay before fines are applied. A parking transaction is simply a purchase of time for a parking space, and with CivicSmart, it will be a consumer-friendly transaction! CivicSmart’s automated parking solutions support many other features including way finding, car finding, virtual permits, etc.

Unprecedented Efficiency and Real-time Data for Cities and Operators

Beat enforcement, whether on-foot or in-car, has been the norm since the advent of managed on-street parking over 85 years ago, but now there is a better way! With CivicSmart’s automated parking solutions, cities and operators have data at their fingertips and can use either automated or directed enforcement. Cities and operators have detailed and highly accurate real-time data on parking usage.

Curb Management and Analytics

With so many complex demands on curb space, from loading zones to rideshares, on-street parking, store front pickups, permit parking, mixed-use lanes, etc., cities need to figure out how to utilize the curb assets for the highest value uses. This starts with detailed and accurate data on parking patterns and uses. The supply-demand dynamic can vary widely from one block to next, based on time of day, or even among spaces in the same block. CivicSmart’s solutions continuously provide granular data and advanced analytics to develop key insights – no more guessing or using unreliable proxy data such as payments. This helps cities manage demand and supply through optimal pricing, space allocation, dynamic pricing, parking codes, etc., and adjust these as demand patterns change over time.

Minimal Footprint with Reduced Street Assets

CivicSmart’s advanced sensors are available in many form factors including bollard, curb mount, pole mount, and subterranean to suit your streetscape ensure an aesthetic fit. They require minimal footprint and reduce overall street assets for your city.

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