July 05, 2021







Today CKC announces Kevin Austin is joining our energetic ownership team. With an unparalleled 20+ year history in navigating and delivering Parking Technology, Kevin brings all round project experience and parking operations capability. Of his numerous highlights.



Kevin’s time in the hot bed of the Bay Area continues to expose him to the latest disruptive innovation in vehicle movement and parking.  The projects Kevin has worked on, represent highly connected and integrated solutions.  A few of his high-profile projects over the past 3 years include Jack London Square, City of San Jose, City of Santa Rosa, City of Walnut Creek, San Jose Airport, Santana Row, Westfield Valley Fair, UC Davis Medical Centre, SFMTA, Facebook and the new Chase Center.

Across his 20 years in the industry, other projects include McCarran International Airport (LAS), Portland International Airport (PDX).  As a procurement expert, Kevin’s talent includes defining and responding to customer specific requirements tailored to maximize potential and flexibility.  In addition to this, Kevin has spent many years supporting customers and attending to their ongoing challenges with software, service, and hardware.

Kevin’s operational experience includes working with Century Parking, SF City Park and ABM for more than a decade, he understands the complexity of customer service, budgeting, and asset development – having trained operations staff and cultivated long term relationships with asset funds; he understands their perspectives and knows how to navigate to win / win.

Kevin has a Bachelor of Science – Oregon State University and earned a CAPP Certification.

To schedule an in-person or virtual session to find out what we can do and what we’ve done, contact Kevin directly at (925) 551-1731or (no dot com!)

Brett Galvin, Chairman of CKC USA added, “We couldn’t be happier to have Kevin join this industry leading team of international parking professionals. Their long commitment to ensuring the highest levels of their customers’ success matches perfectly to CKC’s commitment to delivering high quality outcomes for customers and their parkers. As the parking consumers change their behavior post-COVID and with many new SaaS entrants in the tech space, we will be continually required to provide sound strategic planning and procurement advice to set customers up for long-term performance in what is an ever more complex and fast changing parking environment.”

About CK Consulting USA

Since 1996, our team of Parking Technologists have been developing and delivering strategies that center on maximizing the value of the parking assets you currently have.  We leverage the right technology, contracting and pricing strategies to do it. Parking technology is changing and there is money to be made and saved right now. We bring the smarts and the sweat to align you with it.

CKC provides teams like yours with independent professional analysis and support for procuring complex Parking Technologies. We’re currently providing this for any number of similar organizations right now. We like to get things done, so we slot into your team to help develop the business case, budgets, forecasts, implementation timing and scopes; deliver best in the world specifications and contract arrangements; assist in releasing the request package, prepare your team for the change; negotiate, project manage and deliver a quality assured outcome. In recent engagements CKC has been able to increase operating profits significantly with the redesign of upgrades and get the procurement done in a sort time with ease.