Premier Parking Revolutionizing the Way People Park in Austin

July 20, 2021

Premier Parking Revolutionizing the Way People Park in Austin

Austin One of the Early U.S. Markets to Get Metropolis Technology


NASHVILLE – Premier Parking announced today that new technology, made possible through an exclusive partnership with Metropolis, will make parking easier, safer and more consumer-friendly in Austin.


This new wave of parking is made possible by new, proprietary technology created by Metropolis: an AI-powered autonomous commerce platform built to modernize parking and empower the future of mobility. Metropolis’ proprietary AI platform is unmatched in today’s parking industry.


“For customers, this takes the pain out of parking. For the industry, it is going to radically change the national parking landscape. This technology makes parking quicker, easier and safer by turning what used to be a difficult process into an effortless and fully touchless customer experience,” said Premier CEO Ryan Hunt.“When we thought about where we wanted to roll this new technology out first, Austin was at the top of our list. Like Premier, Austin has always been an innovator so we knew it would be welcomed with open arms here.”


Premier deployed the new technology in April in their headquarters city of Nashville. Plans are underway to roll it out to all their sites nationwide in the coming months.


With Metropolis’ technology, customers get access to a frictionless, checkout-free mobile experience; by quickly signing up one time, they can locate and pay for parking at any of the enabled locations. Once enrolled, each time a customer pulls into a location, the computer vision technology immediately detects the customer’s arrival and triggers a text message confirming the start of their parking session.


When done, customers simply drive out and are charged for the duration of their stay – no more looking for the payment kiosks, getting ticketed for expired time or paying for more time than they used. Subscription parking and validated parking will also be more seamless than ever, with the scan of a QR code or a tap on your phone granting weekly and monthly access.


The technology also locates guaranteed available parking, helping alleviate congestion in urban areas by taking cars off the road that are driving in circles looking for an open spot.


“With Premier as our partner, we are disrupting the traditional parking experience and empowering the future of urban mobility,” said Metropolis CEO Alex Israel. “Parking takes up 15 percent of urban landscapes in major metropolitan areas, so using space smarter makes a big difference – that’s exactly what we are doing with Premier.”


The technology is currently deployed at the following Austin Premier locations with additional sites coming online soon:

  • Lavaca Plaza – 504 Lavaca St.
  • Seaholm Garage – 211 Walter Seaholm Dr.
  • Seven Rio – 615 W 7th St.
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church – 710 Trinity St.
  • St. Vincent Lot – 108 W Gibson St.


The transition to the new technology has been designed with the consumer in mind. Initially, consumers will see a scan-to-pay option alongside meters. Ultimately, lots will transition to fully camera-vision enabled facilities where all you have to do is drive in and drive out – no meters or scan to pay required.


Restaurants, retailers, and businesses will be able to partner with Premier to offer touchless parking validations to their customers. In addition, every consumer who tries the new technology by downloading the Metropolis app and completing at least one parking session will be entered to win free parking for a year.


Premier is deploying Metropolis’ proprietary computer vision technology across its entire portfolio, which consists of 116,000+ parking spaces across 500+ parking programs in 40+ cities nationwide. This includes Nashville and Austin to date, with Houston, Dallas and Detroit coming in the immediate months.


Premier Parking is one of the country’s leading parking management companies with facilities across the U.S. Premier owns, operates, and manages facilities for a wide range of industries using its unparalleled customer service, innovative solutions and technology-focused approach to bring great benefits to its partners.


About Premier Parking

Premier Parking, founded in 2001 in Nashville, offers self-parking accommodations, valet and transportation services for commercial parking assets, hospitals, hotels and special events (private and public), and much more to offer full scope parking management services to businesses and asset owners throughout the country.


About Metropolis

Metropolis is an AI-powered autonomous commerce platform disrupting traditional city infrastructure to make way for modern mobility. Starting with vertically integrated parking technology and a frictionless, checkout-free mobile experience, Metropolis makes parking easier end-to-end. Founded by CEO Alex Israel, Metropolis launched in stealth in 2017 and recently released its mobile app to the public. The brand is rapidly scaling its platform across the U.S. this year, including: Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Nashville, Detroit and more.