What Sparks Joy? ParkNews.biz June 29th – July 12th, 2021

July 12, 2021


What Sparks Joy? ParkNews.biz June 29th – July 12th, 2021



This past Sunday July 11th, was a big day in sports.  Men’s final at Wimbledon.  NBA playoffs game 3.  And Euro Cup 2020 final at Wembley Stadium in London, UK.  Subsequently, there was a lot of excitement, especially in London, UK.

First Novak Djokovic won his sixth Wimbledon title and his 20th Grand Slam victory, over Matteo Berrettini.  At 20 Grand Slams trophies, Djokovic is tied with other two great players, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.  Also, this win is Djokovic’ 3rd Grand Slam this year.  He won Australian Open and French Open so far.  In this Wimbledon Final, Berrattini won the first set.  Yet, as it is usually when Djokovic is backed into the corner, he finds his best stuff when he truly needs.  He doesn’t give up.  He picks himself up and plays his best tennis even when the audience usually cheer for his opponent.  The best part of this tournament besides the inspiration of the awesome athletes, were the crowds.  After the pandemic, the stands were filled with joyful, well dressed crowds.  It was truly awesome to see that life was lived to the fullest and rain or shine, people were enjoying being together without masks appreciating the game and its players.


Second, all eyes reminded on London, since UEFA EURO 2020 final took place in the evening at Wembley.  It was wonderful to see the stadium filled with cheering fans.  Both Italian and English.  I was fortunate that my team Italy won.  I was rooting for them from the beginning of the tournament.  There was poetry to me in their possible win.  Since the virus put Italy in the lockdown first before the rest of us, I wanted the Azzurri their national team, to bring the trophy to Rome.  It was challenging feat at first since the English scored immediately.  Yet, the Italians didn’t give up and evened up the score in the second half.  After extra time, the game went to penalties.  Gigi Donnarumma was incredible and saved 2 possible goals plus one miss by England, made Azzurri the European Champions.  The joy for the Italians were infectious.  The sadness for the English, heart breaking.  Yet, in all of it, people were full of excitement and togetherness.  Things we took for granted, were much more appreciated.  Simply being and cheering for your favorite team.  Never giving up and always believing.


Sadly, in England, 3 players who missed the final penalties shots were attacked with racist abuse.  It is heart breaking.  There is no room anyplace for racism nor hatred.  These young men played their hearts out.  They were in the arena.  In sports sadly, there is a winner and a looser.  Yet, no one truly looses.  It is not the critic that counts.  It is the man in the arena.  And those men in the arena truly sparked our joy and made us feel as life is beautiful and back to normal.


We are excited that in the spirit of normal and togetherness, we will see you all in Dallas, TX in a few days. PIE 2021 might not be the biggest conference or the busiest one.  Yet, it will be the most important and value building for all of us.  Because what sparks joy in our hearts most is serving others and being together and cheering for each other’s successes.


In the words of journalist and author Gabriele Parpiglia, the Azzurri’s Coach Mr. Mancini “taught us that smile, friendship, respect and normality: they are the real revolution.” And they spark joy beyond words.  We do need each other.  We need to be socially close.  We need to hug and smile and to be together in person.  See you in Dallas, TX.


Have a blessed week.


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