August Reset: Paying attention to the plank in our own eye – July 27th – Aug 2nd, 2021

August 02, 2021


August Reset: Paying attention to the plank in our own eye – July 27th – Aug 2nd, 2021



Welcome to August 2021 – this awesome hot summer month, when perhaps due to reading some great books or even fun beach books, we can self-reflect and live and let live.  While moving forward better than ever with more solutions, compassion, faith,  creativity and irony.

The Olympics are happening.  The commercial that resonate is about the mother  desiring her baby for adoption as wanting: It might not be easy but it will be amazing! Legs or not, it will be amazing.

Have you heard this call for you or others in your life or around your life?  It will not to be easy but it will be amazing.  Legs as these or my limping ones, I can’t even fathom as I can’t fathom this woman loving her daughter, as the Lord loved us first.  He said it will be amazing before we did anything,  Blessing first.  Then the doing,  And thus, acceptance and then work.  But please remember it isn’t not the critic that counts as Teddy Roosevelt said in his 1910 Speech.  The address that JVH reminds us of in his baby bath water amazing blog.  Please read here:


So what is the antidote?  Celebrate.  Own your planks.  Don’t point fingers.  but foremost be sincere.  John Morgan said something to me this PIE conference about a challenge I had.  He said be careful with “Minnesota nice”.  Never heard it before but the whole table chimed in.  Thank you John and the group.

In other words, be sincere.  it isn’t the reputation that matters but your character. Flowers blossom with this and without it they can’t even green buds:  Earnest.  Sincere. Respectful.  how awesome is that!  And for goodness gracious let live and live.  How empty is your cup when you have to crucify others?  Celebrate them instead.  Comparison kills the soul. You never know what the other is going through and how much poop they have to clean.  The best part?  We all change.  So hello planks?


On that note of celebrating and truly sincerely valuing others:

Congratulations to my favorite Jeff Perkins on the honor a and responsibility to lead ParkMobile.  Yea!

July 27, 2021 – PT Plus: ParkMobile Names Jeff Perkins as CEO






So lets build together. Hearing Listening being present. And darn, seeing our planks before we lash it out on others pointing their speckles.  Wake up August is for all of us.  Accountability, chewing, compassion and Sincerity more than anything else. And then no stopping us including learning Italian thank you JuiceBar for taking me to my college days.  I love you.

God Bless us all.


Thank you.


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