Self-driving cars and their need for humans: Aug 17th-23rd, 2021

August 23, 2021


Self-driving cars and their need for humans: Aug 17th-23rd, 2021




It seems that self-driving cars need humans, as drivers or minders.  “With no end in sight to the technical and regulatory obstacles to free-range, driverless robotaxis, some self-driving companies are accepting the need for human minders and scaling down their ambitions so they can start generating revenue in the near future, according to interviews with investors and startup executives.” Read more here: Aug 23, 2021 – A secret weapon for self-driving car startups: Humans

“In Las Vegas, startup Halo allows customers to summon a driverless car, which is driven by a remote human operator over fast, fifth-generation wireless networks operated by T-Mobile US Inc.

“Just a few years back, remote human assistance was a dirty little secret in this space,” said Elliot Katz, co-founder of teleoperation firm Phantom Auto. “Virtually no one talked about it publicly because there was still this facade that these vehicles were just going to be able to drive autonomously, everywhere they need to go and do everything that a human driver would do.”

He added: “Everyone now knows that’s not going to be the case.”’

In other news, meet and its founder Drake Burciaga.  Drake exhibited at PIE 2021 in Dallas so you might had talked to him there.  He is brilliant and super kind.  Most of all, he is just 21 and a junior at DePaul in Chicago.  Read more about here: Aug 23, 2021 – Welcome to the Future of Parking | Launches on August 24, 2021


Aug 20, 2021 – PT Plus: PayByPhone Brings A Contactless Parking Experience to University of Illinois Urbana College : “We’re excited to be expanding our contactless parking services for higher education across North America,” said Roamy Valera, CEO of PayByPhone. “As University of Illinois Urbana College will be joining a number of our University and College communities across the country.”


Additionally, Aug 19, 2021 – CarPay-Diem partnership sees Parkopedia become the largest facilitator of in-car fuel payments in Europe: “By adding CarPay-Diem’s services to its payment platform, Parkopedia will now enable in-car fuelling payments at almost 3,500 fuel stations across Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands– the largest reach of any connected vehicle payment services provider. The number of fuel stations covered is predicted to rise to more than 60,000 across 18 countries over the next three years with existing partnerships alone, and as CarPay-Diem expands its reach into Poland, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland shortly.”

And last but not least, Aug 18, 2021 – JUICEBAR OFFERS $1,000 ‘TRADE UP’ CREDIT TOWARD PURCHASE OF ANY OF ITS EV CHARGING STATIONS : “JuiceBar has built the world’s fastest, safest, and most reliable EV charger and we are determined to help accelerate the expansion of EV infrastructure,” said Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar. “Our new ‘Trade Up’ program is simply the next logical step in our quest to achieve that mission.”
Unlike most chargers available in North America, JuiceBar chargers are made and assembled in the United States, with over 70% of the chargers composed of US manufactured components.”

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