The Detroit Smart Parking Lab: making parking easier – Aug 10th – 16th, 2021

August 16, 2021



The Detroit Smart Parking Lab: making parking easier – Aug 10th – 16th, 2021.




How would you feel if you could just pull up to a parking garage entrance and have your car park itself?  A  joint collaboration between Ford, Bosch, real estate developer Bedrock, rental car company Enterprise, and the state of Michigan may make it happen soon that your car can park itself.  You can read about it here: Aug 16, 2021 – In Detroit, a new smart lab from Ford is working on the tech that will allow your vehicle to find a spot all on its own, no driver needed : “Parallel parking or finding spots in busy, tight structures are some of the most stressful driving situations, which is why Ford invested heavily in innovations such as our parallel parking assistance technology,” said Ford’s director of controls and automated systems, Craig Stephens. “The Detroit Smart Parking Lab will help us collaborate with other innovators on even better solutions to make parking easier, so it doesn’t spoil an evening out.”


“There are a number of sustainable impacts a project like the Smart Parking Lab helps to achieve. Studies on city infrastructure show that Americans spend an average of 17 hours every year searching for parking in urban environments. All of that mindless driving isn’t just wasted time—it’s also wasted fuel, meaning that it contributes to an uptick in greenhouse gas emissions. To put a dollar value to it, drivers spend an average of $345 per year simply searching for parking.”


In other news, PayByPhone creates better parking experience at Missouri State University (MSU).  Aug 12, 2021 – PT Plus: Missouri State University is Offering a Better Parking Experience with the PayByPhone App 


PayByPhone also comes to Pittsburgh, PA: “We’re excited to be expanding our contactless parking services across Northeastern US,” said Roamy Valera, CEO of PayByPhone. “The City of Pittsburgh will be joining other Northeastern communities, including New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Boston and Connecticut.” Read more here: Aug 11, 2021 – PT Plus: PayByPhone Brings a Better Parking Experience to The City of Pittsburgh 


And since it is back to school month, Aug 10, 2021 – PT Plus: ParkMobile Announces Agreement With Vanderbilt University. “ParkMobile is a leading provider for parking solutions in higher education, and we’re proud to work with a prestigious institution like Vanderbilt,” says Jeff Perkins, CEO of ParkMobile. “Parking is often a challenge in colleges and universities, but our technology allows visitors, students, and staff alike to enjoy a streamlined, seamless, and convenient parking experience.”



In other news, Aug 11, 2021 – JUICEBAR ANNOUNCES INDUSTRY’S FIRST 90-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  “Customers can return their chargers for any reason or no reason, no questions asked,” said Paul Vosper, CEO of JuiceBar.  “We are so confident in the reliability of our “Made in USA” chargers that we decided to back it with a simple and hassle-free guarantee.”


Also, Aug 10, 2021 – UPsafety, a T2 Systems Company, Announces Updated Brand “UPsafety’s new look marks a significant milestone in the Company’s journey of empowering customers with effective and accessible technology solutions that help achieve organizational goals. We are proud that it represents an exciting future for us as a company, and for our customers, as we move forward together with T2 Systems,” said Charlie Waterfall, Director Creative Services for UPsafety. “The UPsafety brand is closely aligned with the T2 Systems brand and will ultimately appear across all customer experience platforms.”



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