Welcome to the Future of Parking | Parkster.ai Launches on August 24, 2021

August 23, 2021




Welcome to the Future of Parking | Parkster.ai Launches on August 24, 2021




CHICAGO, IL Parkster.ai, a platform that helps drivers find parking instantly through artificial intelligence, launches on August 24, 2021.


The Parkster.ai platform is ideal for three different parties:

  • Drivers – Every single time someone drives their car, they face the challenge of finding parking. How many times have you found yourself running late because you can’t find parking? How many minutes have you wasted circling around the same area looking for parking? How much easier would your life be if you were able to find parking instantly for the rest of your life?
  • Municipalities and Lot Owners – Whether you are a major city, a national or global parking lot owner, or simply manage on-street parking / surface lots, revenue is lost and left on the table when your lots and parking spaces are not 100% full. Our platform can help you generate more revenue by acting as a sales lead to your available parking spaces through a software integration or through our mobile app which is under development. Long story short: drivers want spots, and you need to fill up your lots. In addition, the app supplies municipalities the opportunity to ensure the overall safety & welfare of their citizens and visitors.
  • Other Parking Apps – Through an API, our platform serves as an excellent complementary good to other parking apps with very little overlap. In other words, we aren’t a competitor; we are a collaborator. With a small and affordable fee per API call, we plan to help other parking experience apps provide real time, highly accurate results of the quantity of parking spaces available in an area and the exact location of each of them. This could integrate seamlessly into a user-friendly visual dashboard of available parking spaces in a certain area that refreshes upon request.


A mobile app solely intended on providing the best parking experience for drivers is under development while our API and patent pending artificial intelligence algorithm are ready for deployment.


Parkster.ai is not predicting or estimating the availability of parking through statistical models. Instead, we detect the availability of parking spaces in real time at a near perfect accuracy rating.


“We are creating a whole new industry focused on instant parking. I see us being a leading force in this new industry… Our solution’s scalability will allow us to do that” said Drake Burciaga, Parkster.ai Founder, CEO & CTO in a recent interview with the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center.


For more information, visit www.Parkster.ai or email Drake@Parkster.ai.


About Parkster.ai

Parkster.ai is on a mission to provide instant parking to the world. We believe that every driver deserves the right to instant parking.