Endera Joins CALSTART’s Drive To Zero Campaign To Accelerate Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles

September 30, 2021


Endera Joins CALSTART’s Drive To Zero Campaign To Accelerate Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles


SAN DIEGO, CA [September 30, 2021] – Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure and software solutions, is excited to announce we have committed to endorsing CALSTART’s Generation Zero pledgeprogram, a strategic Midwest regional program designed to catalyze the growth of  zero-emission transit vehicles – including transit, shuttle and school buses.


Through Generation Zero, Endera and our Ohio based school and shuttle bus factory will be working with a global team of leading-edge, clean transportation innovators collaboratively sharing best practices, tools, ideas, challenges, and victories, all with the shared purpose of maximizing the clean air, climate, and economic benefits these vehicles bring


“As part of our pledge, Endera partners will work collectively with regional stakeholders to expedite zero-emission transit vehicle deployments, including both battery electric buses (BEBs) and fuel cell electric buses (FCEBs), over the next 10 to 20 years. Generation Zero recognizes transit as a first success application for transportation electrification,” said John Walsh, Endera’s Chief Executive Officer. “

Medium and heavy-duty trucks also generate 60% of air pollution in major metropolitan areas and are responsible for approximately 22% of energy use in the U.S. transportation sector. Figures such as these are the reason why momentum is building for federal support to encourage greater and quicker adoption of electrification technologies. Progress in zero-emission transit vehicle deployment ensures that the Midwest will continue its leadership in all things transportation, job creation, and continued manufacturing growth. Pledge partners will help the region’s states and cities meet sustainability goals and realize their clean air ambitions, while driving industrial competitiveness and clean technology job growth.


In joining Generation Zero, Endera is committing to being active in communications and activities geared toward achieving the two fundamental goals of the program:

  • Make zero-emission transit vehicle deployments (vehicles and infrastructure) commercially viable and cost competitive in the Midwest by 2025, including at least 1,500 vehicle orders and deployments by 2025—a 360% increase over 2020
  • Ensure zero-emission transit vehicles achieve 100 percent new sales across the Midwest by 2040 and ideally as early as 2035 with the right ecosystems in place.


About Endera

Endera is a technology company, specializing in smart electric commercial vehicles, charging stations and software solutions. As an end-to-end electric commercial vehicle supplier, Endera provides vehicle design and technology. Made in America, Endera delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership over other commercial electric vehicles and provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability and service. To learn more, visit  www.EnderaMotors.com