HUB Parking Technology: Ginnetto Parking Alleviates Traffic Stress in Foggia City Center

September 07, 2021

HUB Parking Technology: Ginnetto Parking Alleviates Traffic Stress in Foggia City Center



Can a smooth ride and safe parking make it easier to get back to work after the vacations? Without a doubt! Especially if there is a lot of traffic and the city center is a Limited Traffic Zone (or LTZ), as in the case of Foggia, Apulia.

The historic Ginnetto parking lot, managed by ATAF, is strategically located just outside the LTZ, and helps to relieve the pressure of vehicles in the area thanks to 87 stalls on multiple levels.

Since May 2021, the entry and payment of parking are guaranteed by a Jupiter system with slim stations, Selea cameras for LPR recognition of license plates and an automated pay station for the renewal of subscriptions. Users reach the Ginnetto access ramp, the LPR camera at the entrance recognizes their license plate and the barrier opens, welcoming them into the parking lot in just a few seconds.

The previous manual management of season tickets relied on proximity technology, i.e. the action of the driver to bring the card close to a reader: although reliable, it was subject to the unexpected or simply the difficulty of finding the card, thus complicating the entry process.

LPR technology eliminates this risk, and for the driver the need to always have the access medium with him: the license plate is in fact always available and in the right position to be framed and recognized by the camera, which ensures very high reading accuracy even in low light situations.

For ATAF staff, the management of subscriptions and traffic flows is much more straightforward, allowing them to dedicate more comprehensive services to the users of the Ginnetto parking lot.


About HUB Parking Technology:

HUB Parking Technology is the Business Unit of the FAAC Group that develops software and intelligent mobile solutions produces, installs, and supplies hardware and after-sales services for the professional management of paid parking spaces. HUB Parking Technology offers flexibility, competence, and personalized and widespread assistance at a local level, combined with the capacity, network, and strength of a global operator. Over the years, the company has constantly innovated to develop state-of-the-art systems and integrated value-added solutions that make parking efficient for users, and profitable, and easy for operators to manage.

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