Looking in the Mirror – ParkNews.biz Sep 14th – 20th, 2021

September 20, 2021



Looking in the Mirror – ParkNews.biz Sep 14th – 20th, 2021



Diversity and what it means to you or me?  What do you think when you think diversity?  When you go to Japan, do you know their customs?  You better bring a present to Tokyo.  What about when you go to Wisconsin? Perhaps you must learn to listen or show up with a gift of bread or flowers or some cheese?  Do you register your aha?  As I haven’t thought about this, this way? Wow what an amazement to see things from a different perspective.

This past week I read two books.  One the classic, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  The other, a novel published in 2013, Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed.  With the later, if you have read the Kite Runner, read And the Mountains.  So timely especially today due to the tragedy of our actions in Afghanistan.  The former, is it your pride or your prejudice that forms your thoughts, your approach to the person to the issue, to a situation? Are you in awareness lacking judgments and ego?

If any anger or displeasure arise, do you look in the mirror?  Or do you criticize, point fingers, divide?

What is the true diversity?  The diversity of our looks as blonde, brunette, short, tall, black, white, yellow, brown?  Or diversity of views.  Diversity of transitions.  And mutual respect and appreciation of these traditions, customs and cultures?

I am a naturalized citizen of the USA.  God, family and the USA first.  I am an American but I have my own customs that are rooted in my Polish and Scandinavian culture.  I am white but that doesn’t mean I am basic vanilla.  My vanilla is the bean variety and it has many flavors.  Those flavors come from my character and works.  Just as yours do.

Have we lost ourselves so much to only focus on the cover of the book vs its content?  It is our character, it is our works, it is our sincerity and engagement and our basic humanity that creates diversity vs our race, class and so on.  It was the same in 1815 when Pride and Prejudice was published.  It was the same in 2013 when And the Mountains was published.  It will be so tomorrow.  It is a human nature.  It is always the content and the soul.  Here lies the true beautiful diversity that propels us forward not the divisive one of the victim and victor and victor and victim.

In the coming issues, we will focus on the dialogue.   Socratic one.  We will have feature cities that bring technology to serve the people.  People in all their beautiful exciting diversity.  As what works for you might now work for me.  I might prefer pierogi while you like ravioli.  .  By Oct 22nd, if you want to be in the IPMI, the city issue let us know.


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