ParkOffice: New smart parking solution to curb stress of return to office launches

September 03, 2021

New smart parking solution to curb stress of return to office launches



Latest feature Spotshare from ParkOffice dubbed as ‘the stock exchange of parking’




UNITED KINGDOM: Leading parking management system ParkOffice has, today, launched its new solution, Spotshare. The feature, which has been dubbed ‘the stock exchange of employee parking’ will enable multitudes of companies to share, swap and trade parking spots based on demand. It is hoped Spotshare will help reduce the levels of stress associated with parking as workers across the UK continue to return to the office. ParkOffice is a leading parking management software solution that enables employers to optimise employee parking.

Park Office’s new Spotshare data-powered software relieves the pressures experienced by employees and companies in multi-tenant office buildings by allowing them to seamlessly share parking spaces when demand allows. The key benefits include reducing space wastage and stress through guaranteed parking spots for employees and enabling employers to offset the cost of parking. With hybrid working tipped as the way of the future, Spotshare identifies the requirements of other tenants on a supply-demand basis and enables companies to trade parking spots.

Spotshare is underpinned by ParkOffice’s ‘Newton’ a smart employee parking algorithm. Newton allows companies to automate all aspects of the sharing process from security to payments, and conditions about where and which spaces can be shared. To date, ParkOffice estimates it has reduced the amount of time staff spend on the road by at least 600,000km.

According to statistics from the Department for Transport, 68% of workers across Great Britain travelled to work by car in 2019. In addition to this, in the wake of the pandemic, research from the Office for National Statistics, 37% of individuals have opted to work from home at least one day of the week, up from 27% in 2019. 85% said they plan to adopt some form of hybrid work in the near future. What this means for offices and other workplaces is there will be days where parking spots remain underutilised, and others where they are in great demand.

Speaking about the launch of Spotshare, Garret Flower, CEO and Founder of ParkOffice, said:

“The launch of Spotshare comes at a time when commuters feel extremely anxious about returning to the workplace. Our new feature aims to relieve the headaches and stress associated with navigating workplace parking by encouraging companies within the same buildings to share spaces with others. Through Spotshare we hope to make the return to the office as stress-free as possible with minimum disruption to employees and employers.”