Supplying parking apps with real time data of available parking spaces through AI | Debuts website

September 20, 2021
 Supplying parking apps with real time data of available parking spaces through AI | Debuts website




CHICAGO, IL (September 20, 2021), a platform that helps drivers find parking instantly through artificial intelligence, debuts website on September 20, 2021. is on a mission to help parking apps.


We acknowledge a distinction between navigation apps and parking experience-based apps. Navigation apps simply direct drivers to go from one location to another (Examples: Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze). Parking experience-based apps, first coined by Astrid Ambroziak, are solely focused on helping drivers park (Examples: PayByPhone, SpotHero, ParkMobile).


In the long run, will collaborate with both types of parking apps. However, we are currently focused on collaborating with parking experience-based apps.


Why would you want to collaborate with parking experience-based apps? Aren’t they your competition?

A scalable technology to help track the availability of parking spaces in real time globally, accurately, and cost-efficiently does not exist… until now. With’s patent pending artificial intelligence algorithm, we are able to provide this futuristic solution.


We are not trying to compete with any other parking experience-based apps. Actually, we are a B2B SaaS company looking to collaborate with these apps. We want to help these apps park an exponential number of drivers by using our AI. Through our integration, we will then help drivers find parking instantly which is our company’s mission.



We are currently building an API that will allow parking apps to receive the exact locations of available parking spaces across the world at any given moment. The API is being designed to seamlessly integrate. The real time data will be able to pair well with an app that displays a map of where parking zones are located. After using our API, the next logical step is then showing where the available parking spaces are which will make the parking experience an infinite amount of times faster and painless for the driver.



About is on a mission to provide instant parking to the world. We believe that every driver deserves the right to park faster.



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Drake Burciaga

Founder, CEO & CTO