The Waiting Game: To EV or not to EV? Aug 31st – Sep 13th, 2021

September 13, 2021



The Waiting Game: To EV or not to EV? Aug 31st – Sep 13th, 2021



If you were to purchase a car, will it be an EV?  JVH, write a blog: Sep 13, 2021 – Chicken or the Egg – JVH, Parking Today .  “Is it possible that it isn’t really the price of EVs that keep folks considering ICE vehicles, but the charging problem and related range anxiety? Therefore, is it possible that we need to have the infrastructure in place before we expect car sales to explode.”

JVH also says: “My guess is that the EVs owned in New Jersey are owned by people living in private homes with garages where they can be charged overnight. They are going to have to tap into those living in apartments to hope to reach their 330,000 goal in four years.”

Thus, for someone like me who lives in an apartment, an EV right now is not a good idea for my next car.  And if I were to live in Florida, there is always a challenge with electricity.  As the power goes out a lot.  And then if I were to charge it elsewhere, how long do I have to wait for a full charge?  Waiting Game might be great for Van Morrison but it isn’t my cup of tea.  With ICE car, I pull up to the gas station, fill it up an I am good for a while depending how much I drive.  We live in a day of instant everything, be it instant deliveries or instant often non verified news.

Also as JVH mentions: “When you are filling your tank with gas, you are paying for exploring, drilling, extraction, refining, delivery, and all the machines required to do same. It only makes sense that those driving EVs would have to pay all those similar costs. Today they are piggybacking on the infrastructure that runs our homes, cities and factories.” Hence, when will charging my potential car reflect those costs?

Hopefully, soon as in England, all new homes will be equipped with chargers.  New homes though, does it apply to apartment buildings and condo buildings? Sep 13, 2021 – England is set to be the first country to require new homes to have electric vehicle chargers

Pre pandemic, in Los Angeles, a number of people I know gave up their cars since it was easy and inexpensive to get Uber or Lyft.  Yet, these days, the price of taking a ride share is through the roof.  Shortage of drivers for one.  And the gas prices.  Average TNC ride is twice or three times the previous cost.

And yes, there are a plenty of scooters blocking sidewalks in Los Angeles and in other cities.  Nevertheless, I don’t see many people using them.  Perhaps it is the younger Sally Rooney generation though, not the one in Dublin, Ireland.  They take busses, drive or take taxis.  Here in the USA for the foreseeable future, private cars seem to be the way.  And not as much the EV cars but the old fashion gas eaters.

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