October 11, 2021








Atlanta-Based Parking Company Replaces Antiquated Parking Management Solutions

with Modern Technology




ATLANTA (Oct. 11, 2021) – Phoenix Parking Solutions, an Atlanta-based parking management company that is completely digital, cashless and contactless, is rewriting archaic parking rules by utilizing a cloud-based parking method to replace antiquated systems that feature paper tickets, costly gate arms and high-maintenance payment kiosks. Phoenix owner Jeff Patterson is a leader in this digital conversion, and his business practices bring both value and convenience to his clients and their customers.


“Last year the pandemic forced contactless payments to become an essential part of the parking business,” says Patterson, who provides the latest platforms, applications and technology to property owners and asset managers of retail, residential and mixed-use properties. “According to Mastercard, 75% of consumers prefer using contactless payment over other methods of payment. But not every customer wants to download another app. So, we had to take a close look at how to respond.”


Patterson decided to respond by incorporating state-of-the-art technology to deliver a contactless, cashless valet process along with gateless garages and surface lots. He converted all his parking locations to Oobeo, a cloud-based software that streamlines operations via web, mobile and SMS technologies to make it easier for guests or residents to access parking services using their mobile phones without having to download a separate app. Now, garage and lot operators throughout the Southeast benefit from his expertise and foresight into the future of parking.


When it comes to Phoenix’s valet operations, Patterson provides guests attending restaurants, retail establishments, hotels and community events with a safer and more efficient payment process. In lieu of paper tickets, guests simply provide their phone number to the valet upon arrival, which serves as their digital valet ticket. The valet may then input a range of details to track the vehicle, including a built-in plate scanner. To retrieve their vehicle, guests simply click a text link on their way to the valet stand where they can also pay and tip via credit card or any major digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay. This process means the guest can initiate the retrieval process much sooner, resulting in greatly reduced wait times and a seamless payment process. The digital valet ticket can also serve as a marketing tool. Businesses have the option to customize messaging that is sent to the valet guests after they retrieve their vehicle.


Phoenix’s surface lot and parking garage clients can take advantage of going gateless. Instead of expensive gate arm and payment kiosk equipment that requires frequent maintenance, cloud-based software allows users to pay for parking safely and seamlessly through web, mobile and SMS technology while in their vehicles. Users do not have to download a parking app, worry about social distancing while waiting in line to pay at a parking kiosk, wait for a slow-moving gate arm to raise or return to the lot to extend their parking time. When guests or residents arrive at a Phoenix mixed-use surface or garage facility, they will see simple signage that displays three contactless methods to pay for parking: SMS, QR code scan or tap the NFC tag. Users then receive a link to enter their license plate number and the duration they want to park before paying via credit card or digital wallet. Users can then provide a rating of the experience, receive a receipt for payment or extend the parking duration. An integrated LPR system provides a list of authorized license plates to the parking enforcement team.


Patterson has experienced firsthand how this digital conversion saves time and money while keeping customers satisfied. “Garage and surface lot operators usually see a 20% to 30% increase in revenue by going gateless due to the pay-in-advance model, but it’s not just about saving money. It’s about creating a convenient frictionless experience for guests,” he adds.


Offering added value, Patterson’s digital solutions also encourage property owners and property management companies to improve their services with real-time data and user reviews. He presents opportunities for customer feedback plus data analytics that can easily identify how much time customers are paying on average and peak times and lulls that might require rate changes for maximum profit.


Beyond providing innovative parking solutions, every Phoenix executive has received the National Parking Association’s Certified Parking Professional Certification (CPP), which is the parking industry’s only professional certification that spans all aspects of parking management and operation. Built around 15 domain areas of learning, the CPP body of knowledge covers everything from human resource management to valet parking operations and from auditing to sustainability. There are only 400 CPP credentialed professionals in the United States.


About Phoenix Parking Solutions

Phoenix Parking Solutions is an Atlanta-based company specializing in a range of parking services for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, shopping centers, and community events, in addition to parking management, logistics, and consulting services. Currently parking tens of thousands of cars per week at dozens of premium locations throughout the city, Phoenix has established itself as one of the largest parking providers across downtown and Midtown Atlanta. Learn more about the company and the safety of valet from Phoenix president Jeff Patterson in this Atlanta Business Radio X interview. For more information, call 678-412-0505 or visit