“The downtown core as the golden goose” – ParkNews.biz Oct 5th – 11th, 2021

October 11, 2021



“The downtown core as the golden goose” – ParkNews.biz Oct 5th – 11th, 2021




“If you manage parking correctly downtown is more vital, which we proved because sales tax revenues went up.” – Mitch Osur.


Mitch Osur is moving from parking to western apparel and custom hats, becoming the inventory manager at Kemo Sabe and thus, going back to what he loves most.  He will be greatly missed by all of us in Parking Industry.  Wishing you all the success and joy Mitch.  Thank you for in the past being one of our speakers at PIE and your article in Oct 2017 PT.  (You can read it here: ‘BIG DATA’ and SMALL CITY)

We appreciate you!  Follow your bliss Mitch!  And read further about Mitch and his leaving parking behind in the ParkNews.biz Oct 11th, headline article: Oct 11, 2021 – Aspen’s parking czar rolls out of government: Mitch Osur, the city’s director of parking and downtown services, calls it quits after six years on the job 

“My goal was to treat the downtown core as the golden goose,” he said. “I wanted to manage parking in the downtown core for the tourists and the locals coming into town to spend money and some people disagreed and got mad at me.”

He noted that businesses across 16 blocks in downtown Aspen produced almost $1 billion in sales tax revenue annually prior to COVID.

Osur tailored his job to be similar to what he saw in Boulder, where they had a director of downtown vitality who also managed parking.

“If you manage parking correctly downtown is more vital, which we proved because sales tax revenues went up,” he said.”

In other news, ParkMobile owned PT Plus last week.  First of all, they welcome new team members, Kara Womack, VP of Product, and Chris Henderson, VP of Mobile.  Then, they make parking reservations easy at Ohio University: Oct 6, 2021 – PT Plus: ParkMobile Services Expanded to Offer Parking Reservations for OHIO Football Games .

And since it is football season in full swing, ParkMobile is also making parking experience better at the University of Louisville: Oct 7, 2021 – PT Plus: ParkMobile Announces a Partnership with University of Louisville, Offering Parking Reservations for Football Games

ParkMobile also is now available in Leavenworth, WA.

In other PT Plus news, Oct 6, 2021 – PT Plus: TKH Security has been Selected to Deliver an Unparalleled Parking Experience at Abbott Northwestern Hospital

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Another article getting attention this week, is a blog from JVH about Herd or Mob mentality.  Very timely during these challenging days of trends and constantly changing, loosely reported or social media influenced information.  It makes me think of XV Century Florence, Lorenzo Medici and then Girolamo Savonarola.  The former held in reverence by advancing Renaissance and called Magnificent.  The latter, causing lots destruction via mob mentality instigated by his preached morality.  There is no doubt that history is a gift to us all, and if we don’t study it and learn from it, we often repeat it.  Read JVH’s blog here: Oct 6, 2021 – Herd Mentality – The Antidote to Creativity – JVH, Parking Today 

In the meantime, have a blessed week.

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