Hooray for Christmas – ParkNews.biz Nov 23rd – 29th, 2021

November 29, 2021



Hooray for Christmas – ParkNews.biz Nov 23rd – 29th, 2021



“Nurture your mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think.” – Benjamin Disraeli



Christmas Season is upon us.  Praying it is healthy, peaceful and joyful time for all of us, despite any news that might be perturbing.  Because no matter what, we always have a choice how we react.  Responding in calm with gratitude, truly is beneficial for one’s health.  We become what thoughts we choose to fill ourselves with.

This week, we are excited to see our colleagues in person at the IPMI conference and expo in Tampa, Florida.  Many of you are in Tampa already and this Monday I hope you are enjoying your friendships over some golf.

This Wednesday, there are some great sessions that IPMI is bringing us.

Check out at 8 am:

Curb Lane Management: Practical Implementation and Challenges, Presented by: L. Dennis Burns, CAPP, Kimley-Horn; Kenneth Smith, CAPP, City of Omaha, Neb.; Vanessa Solesbee, CAPP, CCTM, Town of Estes Park, Colo.; Blake Fitch, CAPP, City of Aspen, Colo.

Then at 10 am:

Tackling TNCs: Curb and Congestion Management in Las Vegas, Presented by: Brandy Stanley, CAPP, City of Las Vegas, Nev.

At 2 pm, check out:

Partnership for the Community: Why You Want Partners Who Can Make the Technology Journey with You, Presented by: Roamy Valera, CAPP, PayByPhone Technologies, Inc.

There are many more sessions also on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Check out the schedule here: https://ipmi.parking-mobility.org/2021/schedule_glance.cfm

So far the weather is blessing us here in Florida with blue skies and sunshine.  Seeing our colleagues at the IPMI will be wonderful to celebrate Hanukah and Christmas and New Year.

Speaking of New Year, our February issue is focussed on cities and municipalities and the technology involved that makes parking experience better.  And the cities more livable.  Please reach out to our Brian Bullen, brian@parkingtoday.com to be in this awesome Parking Today Issue.

In the meantime, have a pleasant travel to Tampa and most productive and wonderful time at the IPMI conference.

Thank you.


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