GrydPark Launches Disruptive Parking Marketplace

November 04, 2021

GrydPark Launches Disruptive Parking Marketplace



WINNIPEG, MB, Nov. 3, 2021 – Gryd, a young Winnipeg-based tech start-up, has expanded its suite of services for the real-estate industry, creating a consumer-facing parking app that matches drivers searching for parking with unused spots in privately owned parking lots. The platform opens the availability of flexible, low-cost parking options to local drivers via the GrydPark app.

The GrydPark marketplace gives property owners a platform to list and ‘rent out’ unused parking spaces, helping them optimize their existing, often difficult to manage, resources. “By making these previously publicly unavailable spaces available to the public, drivers have more options and property managers maximize the use of their parking spaces,” says Josh Glow, Managing Director of Gryd, “it’s a win-win parking solution.”

To attract parkers, the GrydPark app (now available for iOS & Android) has integrated an impressive tech-stack with options that differentiate it from traditional players in the Canadian market, including:

  • Rates 20-30% below market value
  • Pre-booking up to 1 month in advance
  • Hourly, daily and monthly parking, with evening, weekend and commuter options
  • Reliable & convenient customer service

In addition to the benefits awarded to property owners and consumers, Kyla Wills, GrydPark’s Director of Operations, is proud of the positive environmental impact that the platform will have. “Up to 30% of downtown traffic is caused by drivers searching for parking,” she said, “that equates to more than 300 million litres of fuel consumed annually.”

By opening the availability of existing private parking spaces, GrydPark aims to (1) reduce fuel emissions from drivers searching for parking and (2) negate the development of additional city surface-level parking, leading to better utilization of community resources, infrastructure and green spaces over time, while addressing parking shortages that negatively impact economic activity.

About Gryd Digital Media Ltd.: Gryd is Canada’s leading provider of PropTech services with an extensive coast-to-coast network of partners and clients. Gryd’s suite of services for the property management industry include GrydDigital, GrydRent, and now GrydPark. As a member of Manitoba Technology Accelerator and a recent graduate of the Foresight Canada Cleantech Accelerator program, Gryd has received numerous awards for its advanced PropTech developments including “New Product of the Year Award” in both 2017 and 2018.