An invitation to Mindfulness and Patience – Dec 7th – 13th, 2021

December 13, 2021


An invitation to Mindfulness and Patience – Dec 7th – 13th, 2021




I wonder if every moment is a lesson or a blessing?  Or both at the same time?  Or an opportunity to be grateful?  The opportunity that only can be grabbed with mindfulness and reflection.

JVH just wrote a blog titled Tech for Tech’s Sake.  Read it as from our headline for our weekly newsletter: Dec 13, 2021 – Tech for Tech’s Sake – JVH, Parking Today.

John writes: “I go into a parking lot and it is pay by plate. I enter my plate number, pay the requisite amount, and then proceed about my business. Two weeks later I receive a citation in the mail. How can that happen? It happened because I entered an “l” instead of a “1” and a “0” instead of an “o”. When the LPR system scanned my license number, it got a reject and voila, I got a ticket. It was my fault, kinda. Now what?

I complain. Go to a hearing, get the citation reversed. And have caused havoc for the enforcement folks, the hearing officer, and just about everyone else. Not to mention my own peace of mind. All because of that wonderful technology.”

So yes, technology is frustrating.  Yet, it also gives us many wonderful opportunities to lengthen our time for one.  Paying bills online instead of mailing checks, saves a lot of time.  Being able to look something up via various tools on the net, saves lots of times.  Having an easy pass or something similar, saves lots of time and even money.  Since at least in SW Florida, if you have a transformer and an account with the county, you pay $2 vs $5 for crossing a bridge.

I noticed with technology, I truly must be mindful.  To be fully focussed and present.  And it is a lesson and a blessing.  A lesson because by being mindful, I reflect and examine my life.  Thus, I am never a victim of circumstances.  A blessing, because if I made a mistake, it was a mistake but the world didn’t fall apart.  And I am blessed to go a bit slower in this most precious life.  To make time last longer.  Because be it on a sunshiny July day or on pre Christmassy cold December evening, the thing that goes way too fast is time.  Hence, paying attention truly brings us into now with gratitude for what is.  For this moment now.  The moment that so soon will be long gone.

This Christmas I wish you all the richest moments filled with the best lessons and the richest blessings.

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