Endera Announces New All-Electric Powertrain Medium-Duty Powertrain Increases Performance & Lowers Costs

December 10, 2021

Endera Announces New All-Electric Powertrain

Medium-Duty Powertrain Increases Performance & Lowers Costs



Latest innovation in electric drive tech offers fleets longer range, faster charge time, easy serviceability




SAN DIEGO, CA  – Endera, a technology company specializing in all-electric commercial vehicles, charging infrastructure, and software solutions, announced the launch of its all-electric powertrain for Class 3 and 4 zero-emission commercial vehicles.


The innovative design by Endera provides extremely long range, greatly reduces charge time, and will be one of the most easily serviceable powertrains on the market, as detailed in this video, Endera’s powertrain is a platform that promises fleets best in class technology at a lower cost. The company’s proprietary powertrain enables end-to-end control of the production process while employing a vertical integration strategy that continues to drive down the price of electric vehicles.


This patent-pending design, marking a significant milestone in electrification, allows for the ultimate in both safety and performance by locating batteries and all high voltage infrastructure within the frame rails. Endera’s commercial electric vehicles are ideal for airport parking, universities, school districts, and hospitals, and sets the standard for reliability, safety, and quality with superior range efficiency.


“Our team designed the platform to focus on what customers need, such as ease of maintenance and serviceability, overlaid with rapid assembly potential. Being a true vertically integrated EV manufacturer will also help scale production and stabilize our supply chain. Endera’s holistic approach will increase the adoption of commercial electric vehicles by delivering a better product at a lower cost. This all feeds into our mission of ending the era of fossil fuels by accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy ,” said John Walsh, Endera’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our focus is a product which will thrive in a range of environments and meet the needs of our electric commercial vehicle customers.”


Endera’s research and development team applied lessons learned from their years of collective experience in electric vehicles towards the development of its proprietary powertrain. Working with top quality components, industry-leading suppliers, and using cutting-edge technology, the electric powertrain will be produced in Endera’s Ottawa Ohio Manufacturing facility.


“Our overall powertrain architecture andintegration was developed with flexibility in mind to allow us to quickly adapt to the ongoing changes and developments in the industry,” said Alfredo Gonzales, Endera’s Executive Vice President of Engineering who brings over 10 years of automotive engineering experience with the majority of those coming from his work at Tesla. “We future-proofed our system by including advanced DC fast charging capabilities that will allow customers to fast charge at some of the fastest, most efficient rates in the industry.”


View Endera’s Powertrain.



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Endera is a technology company, specializing in smart electric commercial vehicles, charging stations, and software solutions. As an end-to-end electric commercial vehicle maker, Endera provides vehicle design, technology, and manufacturing. Made in America, Endera delivers one of the lowest total costs of ownership over other commercial electric vehicles and provides sustainable solutions that rival its fossil fuel counterparts in price, technology, longevity, profitability, and service. To learn more, visit www.enderamotors.com.


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