Sawatch Wellness Launches First CBD Kiosks in Atlanta

January 11, 2022

Sawatch Wellness Launches First CBD Kiosks in Atlanta



Strategically Placed Kiosks to Offer On-Demand CBD Access to People of Atlanta




ATLANTA — January 11, 2021 — Sawatch Wellness, an industry pioneer in the CBD kiosk market, today announced it has launched its first kiosk in the Atlanta-metro area. These innovative new kiosks provide a wide range of premium, 100 percent natural CBD products to customers looking to access CBD products on-demand.  During this initial launch, Sawatch will be focused on establishing a kiosk footprint in gyms, airports and parking facilities.


“We realized that there was a gap in the market between brick-and-mortal and web-based CBD options,” said Ryan Bush, Co-Founder of Sawatch Wellness. “There are people who will never step foot in a CBD store and don’t trust online storefronts. Our goal was to give these customers a middle ground wherein they could purchase products from some of the world’s most well-respected CBD brands within the course of their everyday routine.”


Sawatch Wellness collaborates with some of the most well-known and well-respected CBD brands on the market, including Earth Medicine, MedTerra and Resilience CBD, to offer a wide variety of products from sports creams and body lotions to gummies and elixirs.


“We don’t just provide customers with trusted, transparent CBD products, we also make it a point to offer education features within our kiosk interface” said Kevin Bush, Co-founder of Sawatch Wellness. “Our kiosks can actually inform customers about the different variants offered so they can select the right products for their specific need whether it be sore knees, better sleep or improved general health.”


The first Sawatch Wellness kiosks can be found at the address below, and the company has plans to expand its reach, launching 10 new kiosks throughout the Atlanta metro area in the New Year.


  • 100 Luckie Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30303


For more information about Sawatch Wellness, visit


About Sawatch Wellness

Founded in 2021 by brothers, Ryan and Kevin Bush, Sawatch Wellness takes its name from the Sawatch Range in Colorado – which includes eight of the 20 highest peaks in the Rocky Mountains. For the co-founders of Sawatch Wellness, this name not only reminded them of their childhood home in Denver, Colorado, but also reflected the goal of their company – to bring peak wellness to their customers with premium CBD products available on-the-go and on-demand. Sawatch Wellness launched its first set of CBD kiosks in the Atlanta metro area in late 2021 and, is rapidly growing. For more information about Sawatch Wellness, visit