Remote work or office work: Jan 4th – 10th, 2022

January 10, 2022



Remote work or office work: Jan 4th – 10th, 2022


Due to the pandemic, more and more people are working from home.  The ones that can that is.  Do you feel more productive working from your office or from your house?

Perhaps work from home is beneficial to certain nature of work.  As a writer and an editor and content provider, I personally need utter quiet to do the best work, thus working from home works for me.  Yet, if one’s job involves with working with others, work from home might not be an answer.  I will be curious to see the future data about productivity with tasks that office atmosphere encourages.  Is it possible that hybrid work model is the answer? Still, more and more people seem to be wanting to work from home. And there might be benefits to both options.

According to this article from Inc. Jan 10, 2022 – A Stanford Economist Who Studies Remote Work Says Half of All Workers Will Make This Big Change In 2022, the challenge with data, was finding the workers now who did the same job then.  As from the office vs the confines of their residence.  However, now due to the pandemic, finding these subjects is much easier.  And these subjects fall into 3 categories:

1. Employees who can’t work from home (50 percent) (retail, manufacturing, hospitality).

2. Employees who can work remotely, indefinitely (10 percent).

3. Employees who will work under a hybrid model: some remote work, some in-office (40 percent).

These three factors, are changing the face of real estate and popularity of less urban geographic locations.  Thus, the hybrid workers are moving further away from the cities, where they can afford more house for their money.  The fully remote workers, are relocating to rural areas in such states as Vermont, Oklahoma or Vermont.  Never mind the smaller cities in Florida and in Texas.  And moving abroad, where countries are waving visa requirements and offering incentives, to bring these workers to spend their income locally.

Then there is parking: Washington D.C. has become the first municipality in the USA to require “employers to provide cash to workers who turn down their company-sponsored parking benefits – — and experts say it could serve as a model for other American cities that want to de-incentivize car commuting.”  It is all based on Prof. Donald Shoup‘s “innovative “parking cash-out” model, which studies have shown is an effective tool to disincentivize car use.”

Read more here in the headline for this Monday: Jan 10, 2022 – D.C. ‘Parking Cash Out’ Law Makes Employers Refund Workers Who Don’t Drive

Perhaps it is once again, to each its own and not one size fits all.  It all depends on the nature of the work and preferences both of the employers and the employees.  And no matter what, there are always conferences to attend and meet our peers face to face.  Speaking of which, we are excited about this year PIE 2022 in Reno, NV.  Please contact Brian Bullen to promote your presence at PIE via Parking Today at

And if you have any photos of you working from home or the office, or attending conferences, please send them to me at  To be pinned in the next issue of PT.

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