Road to PIE 2022 with Brian: Tell Your Story – Jan 11th- 17th, 2022 

January 17, 2022


Road to PIE 2022 with Brian: Tell Your Story – Jan 11th- 17th, 2022




This week, Parking Today team is heading to Reno, NV to work on PIE 2022.  Marcy Sparrow is making sure that PIE 2022 is most engaging and dynamic.  And Brian Bullen is offering our exhibitors a special email blast package on the Road to PIE 2022.

By working with Brian, you can assure that your story is told.  Your products, your projects, your approach and solutions are highly visible to everyone attending.  Brian has an exciting email blast package, reaching out our huge database of cities, municipalities, airports, companies, organizations and individual people.  It is a 4 month program: a perfect way to turn this winter into spring!

Please don’t miss out on this opportunity and reach out to Brian immediately at  Space is limited.  We think it is not enough just to be in the April 2022 issue of PT but in all the issues leading to PIE.  Think theater program and you are the next Hamilton.

Here, below, is what Brian says.  And for all of you who work with Brian, you already know that Brian creates the best value and thus ensuing success:

“Hey Everybody,

Astrid and I are teaming up on a new PIE program. We are very excited to launch our new Road to PIE 2022 email blast. A great way to reach your customers and let them know that you are exhibiting! It’s also perfect for letting them know what new products you are showcasing at PIE!

Here are the details:

Astrid is curating a monthly email blast with YOUR PIE-RELATED STORIES. That way you know there will be great content!

This program will be for 4 months starting in February. It will run right up to the PIE start date. The rate is only $2500 and that is for 4 months!

Here is the catch:

It is VERY LIMITED! Only a few spots, so we have to make it first come, first served.

If you are interested, please reach out ASAP. If you are a longtime PIE exhibitor or a newbie, this is the perfect way to drive traffic to your booth!

Brian A. Bullen
National Sales Manager


Additionally, on this week, there is numbers of blogs from JVH, including one addressing the QR codes and the parking meters.  It all begun in Texas right after Christmas.  Fake QR codes on those meters.  Now it spread nationwide.  JVH writes: Jan 12, 2022 – Trust but Verify – JVH, Parking Today .  “The Gipper said “Trust but Verify.” To do so there must be a method to verify. Maybe its time to be skeptical and ask hard questions. How do you verify? Frankly I don’t know the answer.”


In other news, ParkMobile continues to expand its touches parking payments.  Most current location is Mt Lebanon, PA.  Read more about it here: Jan 13, 2022 – PT Plus: ParkMobile now available in Mt. Lebanon for Contactless Parking Payments

Last but not least, check out our headline article on Jan 17, 2022 – BP claims EV charging stations ‘on the cusp’ of being more profitable than gas pumps.  “Oil giant BP claims the use of its BP pulse electric vehicle chargers is “on the cusp” of being more profitable for the company than filling up an internal combustion-powered car with gas. Once that happens, it could mark a major turning point for EVs and “big oil”.

Thank you for reading and thank you in advance for reaching out to Brian.

Albeit there is a lot of uncertainty in the world, we are confident that PIE 2022 will be most productive and successful for everyone involved.

Have a blessed week.


Astrid Ambroziak


Creative Director

Parking Today

310 390 5277 ext 9