gtechna Is Proud to Announce Its First Canadian Federal Contract With the Port of Quebec 

February 21, 2022


gtechna Is Proud to Announce Its First Canadian Federal Contract With the Port of Quebec 


Online Services Offering a ‘Self-serve’ Experience to Enhance Parking, Processing and Adjudication for Canadian Municipalities 




BUFFALO, N.Y.  gtechna, a leading developer of smart parking and curbside enforcement solutions in North America, announced today that they’ve partnered with two new Canadian cities: Brampton and Prince Edward County as well provincial operator Société Parc-Auto du Québec (SPAQ) and federal port authority, Port of Quebec. 


gtechna will be providing the Port a digital eticketing solution to replace an older system. The integrated parking and moving violations software will allow the port to offer a higher level of control over its road safety and security as well as parking operations at its ports. The digital ticket will be electronically transmitted via the Bureau des infractions et amendes (BIA), a fines and offenses entity, that gtechna currently interfaces with for its Ministry of Transportation-backed photo radar solution. This project marks a milestone for the firm as a door-opener for additional Canadian federal contracts. 


SPAQ (Société Parc-Auto Du Québec) Quebec’s largest off-street parking operator recently adopted gtechna’s Android eticketing solution to manage more than 65,000 parking spaces, present in nearly 400 locations across the province with approximately $60 million in annual revenue. The contract with SPAQ includes enforcement modules to manage a pay-by-plate system using Androïd mobile ticketing for foot officers with plans to implement vehicle and fixed license plate recognition to monitor lots. SPAQ will offer gtechna’s self-serve online services giving citizens a convenient way to manage tickets in real-time.


The City of Brampton has brought the world of smart parking to its off-street lots for city employees and visiting patrons. Opting instead for a more convenient parking experience and a less costly streamlined way to monitor and enforce, the city replaced its gates with fixed license plate recognition and real-time verification using gtechna’s parking rights cloud services. Brampton now has the foundation in place to assign digital virtual permits to employee plates while allowing its patrons to easily pay for parking with a vehicle plate number.


Prince Edward County is a picturesque island in Lake Ontario known for its artisanship: from food, wine, brew, and beaches on an 800km shoreline, the island is a popular year-round tourist destination. The County’s parking division adopted a full suite of intelligent parking tech to streamline payment, enforcement, and ticket processing. gtechna teamed up with Honk Mobile and Mackay Meters to provide a pay-by-plate solution with its Android mobile ticketing enforcement application.The solution fully supports the County’s unique Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) program, a system adopted by many Ontario municipalities to help simplify the adjudication process. The new system also includes gtechna’s self-serve portal, a more friendly and convenient way for residents and tourists alike to manage and pay tickets online.


gtechna continues to grow organically by putting its customers first, innovating to meet today’s needs while foreseeing tomorrow’s new challenges.  To learn more about how gtechna supports cities’ enforcement visions, visit the company website.


About gtechna:


gtechna provides real-time off-street parking and curbside enforcement software as well as permit management to assist governments, private operators, transportation agencies, and universities with its mobility goals. Known for providing future technology today, gtechna is now used to service more than 25 million tickets per year while increasing compliance and overall operational efficiency. Twenty years of successful collaborations with leading agencies in Washington, D.C., Greater Boston Transit, Toronto,  Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Vancouver have seen the firm’s growth into international markets including Australia, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia. gtechna enforcement applications are among the industry’s best because the company continually invests in refining and developing its products to deliver solutions that empower its customers. Continued high demand for gtechna technology in world-class cities has positioned the firm as the trusted source for reliable parking and mobility enforcement solutions. gtechna is a division of Harris Computer.

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