NEW EMX LRS: Loop Replacement System

February 02, 2022


NEW EMX LRS: Loop Replacement System




For the better part of a decade, we have been hard at work developing a vehicle detector that is easier to install and cheaper to maintain than a traditional induction loop system. With direct feedback from our customers, we went through three previous iterations of this new detector and are proud to release our completely updated 4th generation version in the form of the all new LRS (loop replacement system).

The new LRS offers streamlined installation much like its older siblings, but now comes fully equipped with two sensor options that can either be buried or installed above ground. All that is needed is a single pavement cut from the controller to the sensor, cutting down on the traditional 9 saw cuts typically required for an induction loop.

The LRS has the ability to activate all three axis of detection independently (x, y and z) to help change the shape of the detection zone. This is particularly useful when there is the possibility for interference from ferrous metal objects on the fringes of the detection zone.

The LRS-C1 controller incorporates our Ultrameter DisplayTM, which makes configuring the detection sensitivity a snap. In addition, the controller also includes our Detect-On-StopTM technology which allows the sensor to ignore cross traffic in high traffic applications.

In all, the new LRS represents more than a generational improvement over its siblings. It is a major step forward in technology based on valuable customer feedback and significant upgrades to our core sensor technology. Units have been field tested over the past 12 months and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are proud of this family of products and are confident our customers will appreciate just how simple we have made things. The new LRS will be available at your local dealer by end of February 2022.