Not “NIMBY” – PIE 2022 and Feb 1st- 7th, 2022

February 07, 2022



Not “NIMBY” – PIE 2022 and Feb 1st– 7th, 2022




“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”  – Marcus Aurelius.



Sometimes, I read an article that makes my jaw drop in amazement. Not in wonder nor in awe, but simply in disbelief about our human nature.  I do have an expressive face and my jaw has dropped often, especially in these last two years.  In this case, I have read an article in this Sunday LA Times titled “Rich Town Wants a Big Cat as a Buffer”. LA Times online, has it under the title as posted on Feb 7, 2022 – Wealthy town has an answer against building affordable housing: Mountain lions

“Last week, officials in the enclave of 5,500 people announced that all of Woodside was exempt from a new state housing law that allows for duplex development on single-family home lots. The reason? The entire town is habitat for potentially endangered mountain lions. …”

“The new state law, Senate Bill 9, generally allows property owners of single-family parcels to build duplexes and, in some cases, fourplexes on their land. But lawmakers gave local governments discretion to add parking requirements or size limitations, among other restrictions.” …

“We love animals,” Woodside Mayor Dick Brown told The Almanac local newspaper, which first reported the town’s decision. “Every house that’s built is one more acre taken away from [mountain lions’] habitat. Where are they going to go? Pretty soon we’ll have nothing but asphalt and no animals or birds.” … Read more if you want your jaw to reach the floor.

After I picked my jaw off the floor, I thought oh well, it is a Year of a Tiger after all.  So along with the cat theme, mountain lion preservation works better than any sort of parking requirements or restrictions, or honesty.  Apropos of the new Chinese Year: Do LA Rams even have a chance when they go against those ferocious Cats, Cincinnati Bengals? And there is no Chinese Zodiac sign for a sheep except in the mirror.  Either way, if you are attending the Super Bowl it looks like parking will be costly. Check it out here: Feb 4, 2022 – Super Bowl Parking Plentiful, But It’ll Cost You Big Bucks

Yes, ladies and gents, the world is upside down.  Nevertheless, on the upside, we have our PIE 2022 in Reno, NV.  Marcy Sparrow is a visionary to have picked up this gem of small American town, as a location for our conference and expo.  Thank you Marcy!

Reno is simply beautiful!  And considering that all of us are dealing with inflation, high prices, post lockdown challenges and so on, in Reno, your buck goes much further than in other cities.

Our conference is at the most hospitable Grand Sierra Resort.  This hotel has everything, such as great restaurants, bars, a movie theater, a casino, an ax throwing ring, a spa, a night club with a pool, a bowling alley and more.  The best part, the newly remodeled and cozy rooms are around $96.  I stayed in one and enjoyed it immensely.

Once again this year, we are excited about our annual Parking Today Awards.  This awards’  lunch, is going to celebrate not only your accomplishments but also emphasize laughter, magic and fun.  We have a special guest MC who will keep your jaw dropping from belly laughs.

Because it is Reno, and because we want every company in YIMBY, that is our Parking Industry, to Thrive and become stronger than ever, we have special offers on our Awards’ Sponsorships.  Through the Sponsorship, you can showcase your organization and tell your story.  And you can help to celebrate your peers and colleagues.

Please reach out to Marcy Sparrow at  to secure your sponsorship.  This deal from Reno might not be available ever again.  And these opportunities will sell out fast!

I can’t wait to see you in this awesome little town in May for PIE 2022.  And I am sure you will be in amazement.  Not on account of the insanity of this world, but because the joy, the wonder and the success you will find at our conference.

Thank you.

Have a blessed week.


Astrid Ambroziak


Creative Director

Parking Today

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