LAZ Parking Partners with Diamond Communications to Provide Wireless Attachment Solutions in 3,400 LAZ Parking Garages

March 04, 2022




LAZ Parking Partners with Diamond Communications to Provide Wireless Attachment Solutions in 3,400 LAZ Parking Garages



Hartford CT & Springfield, NJ – March 4, 2022 — LAZ Parking (“LAZ”) has partnered with Diamond Communications LLC (“Diamond”) to market 3,400 parking garages and related properties owned and managed by LAZ to wireless service providers. These locations may be suitable for wireless equipment deployment on existing structures or newly developed towers. Through its strategic acquisitions and continued expansion into key markets across the United States, LAZ has grown into one of the nation’s leading parking services companies. LAZ currently has locations in over 450 cities across the country.

“With the continued demand for 4G and 5G, we believe LAZ’s portfolio offers wireless service providers comprehensive wireless coverage solutions in major metro markets throughout the United States”, said Pete Woodbury, President of Site Management at Diamond. ”We look forward to working with the LAZ team and their many owned and managed properties to provide solutions for the enhancement of wireless connectivity.”

“As a national leader in the deployment, operation and management of wireless infrastructure, Diamond stood out as an excellent choice for LAZ in this venture,” said Alan Lazowski, Chairman and CEO of LAZ Parking. “The extensive knowledge and deep experience of the Diamond team in the development, construction, and ongoing maintenance of wireless installations made them ideally suited to support LAZ’s growth in this area. Ultimately, this partnership is about the creation of a better, more reliable wireless grid that serves the needs of LAZ customers as well as wireless customers all over the nation”.

For inquiries regarding possible colocation of wireless equipment on LAZ’s parking garages or properties, contact Dan Turnpaugh, Vice President of Site Management at or (973) 735-6624.

About LAZ Parking

LAZ Parking is the largest and fastest-growing privately owned parking operator in the United States and a pioneer in digital parking technology. Founded in Hartford, CT, in 1981, with four decades of experience providing best-in-class parking management and transportation services, LAZ operates over 1.2 million parking spaces across the country in over 3,400 locations in 38 states and 451 cities. Over the past decade, LAZ has led the industry with business intelligence, remote monitoring, eCommerce solutions, and most recently launched its Proximity On-Demand Services – “LAZ PODS”. Leveraging their national real estate parking network through connected tech enabled solutions, LAZ PODS includes EV charging, micro warehousing, last mile logistics, and ghost kitchens. LAZ works across various industries, including hospitality, commercial, healthcare, airports, transportation, universities, government, retail, events, residentials, and shuttle services. LAZ is a people first, conscious capitalist company that believes in elevating humanity through business. Additional information can be found at

About Diamond Communications LLC

Diamond Communications LLC is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida, with offices in thirteen states throughout the United States. Diamond is one of the largest privately held U.S. wireless infrastructure companies and manages approximately 290,000 properties and structures in all 50 states. Diamond has longstanding relationships with the major wireless carriers, regional carriers, first responders and other wireless users. Please visit for more information.