EMX Releases CellOpener-365

March 16, 2022


EMX Releases CellOpener-365



We are proud to announce the release of our new GSM activated access control solution, the CellOpener-365. The CellOpener-365 is a simple means of opening an automatic gate, barrier or overhead door using your mobile phone. The device also has all of the features of a 365 day timer so it is easy to set specific open or close times for any device that utilizes a simple switch input.


All programming of the device is done via SMS text message and can be done from anywhere in the world. Since the CellOpener-365 uses GSM cellular service, there is never a reason to adjust the timer for daylight savings, or the day, date and time.  All time and date settings happen automatically, eliminating any required site visits to adjust a timer.  The CellOpener-365 includes everything needed for installation including a SIM card that can be activated by the users and works on any cellular network.


With the ability to add up to 1600 standard users and an additional 400 special users, the CellOpener-365 is perfect for even the largest high traffic facilities. We released units in a pre-sale starting in November 2021 to select customers and received some great feedback regarding its functionality, ease of use and reliability.



The CellOpener-365 is now in-stock and available through our international distribution network. More information can be found on our website at www.emxaccesscontrolsensors.com/product/cellopener-365/