Quercus Technologies announces the opening of its new branch in France

March 24, 2022



Quercus Technologies announces the opening of its new branch in France



Quercus Technologies is proud to announce the opening of a new subsidiary in France. Strategically located in the city of Sophia Antipolis, and operational since March 1, this subsidiary will enable the company to optimally develop its position on the French market, observing and complying with all its guidelines.

Since its establishment in the parking industry, Quercus has had a limited presence on the French market. Creation of this new company will expedite the group’s progress, helping meet the demand of parking facilities and more skillfully implementing its products and services. This new step in the company’s internationalization strategy shows its direct commitment to being closer to French partners and integrators, offering them smart parking solutions adapted to each project, and giving them greater response capacity to meet market needs.

Anthony Fremaux, Quercus Country Manager for France, will manage the new branch. Anthony has put together a stellar track record in his over 15 years in the parking industry, focusing on distribution, installation and maintenance of parking guidance systems. He has also contributed to the creation and implementation of new projects in the organizations he has worked for over the years.

“This opportunity will allow me to further expand my knowledge in the sector and create new synergies in the field of mobility”. A. Fremaux

Quercus has become a company of reference in the parking sector, both in Spain and internationally, thanks to its commitment to new technologies. With it, the company proposes solutions that are adapted to each customer’s needs, and that promote sustainability and efficiency. Our chief goal is anenhanced parking experience for operators and customers alike.

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